18 year boy Muhamad designed Youth Olympic medal

Titled ‘Fireworks of Victory’, the winning medal for the Youth Olympics Games, Buenos Aires 2018 is design by 18 years old Indonesian, Muhamad Farid Husen.  It has been accepted by IOC.   The winning design to ‘light up Buenos Aires’ was chosen among 300 entries from over 50 nations.  The array of designs sent from countries ranging from A- Algeria to V-Venezuela, were analyzed and the winning design was picked by a panel of judges comprising of Young Change Makers, Young Reporters and IOC members.

Youth Olympics Games medal design competition winner Muhamad Farid Husen was overwhelmed on the selection of his design and said ‘It really is an honor for me to be a little part of Youth Olympic Games.  I can’t describe my feelings being the designer of the medal that will be awarded to all the winners of the event.  My dream came true’.

‘The medal was inspired by fireworks.  Fireworks represent the excitement and the glory of the Youth Olympics Games.  All nations come together to participate and celebrate sports.  Fireworks fly to the sky, reflecting how the young athletes are reaching their dreams’ is how the young artist very cheerfully described the design.

An Olympian and IOC member, Judge Aya Medany commented, ‘Muhamad Farid Husen’s design really touched my heart as an athlete.  The most important thing is to celebrate after winning, and it’s nothing better than to celebrate with fireworks.  It’s also amazing to have the designer of the medals the same age as the participating sports personalities in the Youth Olympic Games.

Competition Judge and Young Change Maker, Emily A Yeh said, ‘The winning design gives an energetic feel with unlimited possibilities which is also what we hope to see from the Young Olympic Games athletes and the young generation’.

Fellow judge and Young Change Maker, Nina Balaban said, ‘This has been an amazing project.  It is empowering the young artists to spread their wings and learn more about the Olympic Values which are Friendship, Respect and Excellence.

Youngest ever entrant to win the medal designing competition since the first edition in 2010, Mr. Muhamad Farid Husen, will attend the Youth Olympic Games at Buenos Aires 2018.  He will be present for the Opening Ceremony and also witness athletes being awarded medals featuring his design.  In addition, he will receive endorsed set of medals and a Samsung tablet.

‘Making Waves’ by a 20 years youth, Patrik Nair, USA and ‘Victory Road’by 28 years youth Damien Perrin from Switzerland are the second and third runners-up  of the medal designing competition respectively.