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Aman Kumar Sharma named as Secretary-General IATSG


New Delhi: A meeting was organized for the formation of the Indian Association of Traditional Sports and Games. Representatives from approximately 10 states came to Delhi to attend the meeting.

Ruby Malhotra informed by a press release that this Indian Association for the development of Traditional Sports is formed under the leadership of Mr. Padi Richo and Mr.Aman Kumar Sharma. With a majority of all present members, Padi Richo – Former Sports Minister of Arunachal Pradesh and President of Arunachal Olympic Association has been elected as President of Association, Satish Singh from Uttar Pradesh is nominated as Sr. Vice President and Dr. Sandeep Bhalla from Haryana elected as Vice President here. Though Aman Kumar Sharma from Punjab Elected as Secretary Gen. of Association and Ruby Malhotra is nominated as Treasurer.

After Election, all members had a detailed discussion on the promotion of Traditional Sports & Games in India. Newly Elected President Padi Richo said in the meeting that we have sports talent in Indian villages but due to very expensive Sports Equipment and other unaffordable facilities we are unable to bring out of Sports Talent at National and International level. Now our Association will work for the development of Traditional Sports. Mr. Aman Kumar Sharma addressed the meeting that The platform of IATSG is HUGE and with one agenda: To include traditional sports in the daily sports culture of India, It might leave hanging to assess which shape things might take as far as sports is concerned. However, there is still some progress and enthusiasm for the inclusion of traditional games in a country’s regimen.

The most important takeaways from the meetings show that all states want to collaborate and have an inclusive policy towards involving local games in their sports curriculum.

Mr. Sharma brings considerable experience to the position. For a long time, he has worked with officials to promote political, social, and diplomatic relations in conjunction with traditional sports. Among many issues are the need to protect these sports from commercializing cultural heritage and values, and to promote tolerance, mutual understanding, respect, and peace in a culturally diverse society.Mr. Sharma will be charged with advancing UNESCO efforts to safeguard, promote, and develop TSG, and to ensure that they form an integral part of national cultural development.  Along with this live meeting a Zoom Meeting was also arranged by the association and many other state representatives also took part in the meeting, Ravi Sahu(Maharashtra), Devender Gour, Harpal Singh(New Delhi), Rajpal Singh(New Delhi), Deepti Kumari (Maharashtra) , Gourav(Punjab), Jitesh Bhalla(UP), Parveen Garg(UP), Tarsem Sharma(J&K), Okenjeet(Manipur), Paramesh Mallaiah(Karnataka) Abhay Jamwal(Himachal Pardesh), Sudesh Berry (Haryana), Rajwinder Kaur(Chandigarh)  and Amit Choudhary(Bihar) were also present in the meeting.     

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