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ARISF Cautions Against Accelerated Process to Disband GAISF


NEWS DESK: The ARISF Council, which includes the 42 members of the GAISF, has unanimously urged the board to avoid an expedited disbanding process. The decision is based on the fact that the proposal must have two-thirds support in order to be passed, but it also has the voting power to prevent a majority vote. Earlier this month, Ferriani, who replaced the late Raffaele Chiulli as President, told reporters that the dissolution process had been discussed before he arrived. On Wednesday, Raffaele Chiulli is up for re-election as president of ARISF, and he will likely be hoping for a ringing endorsement.

The ARISF Council met on 30 November to discuss the letter sent by the GAISF. The decision will be decided at the upcoming General meeting in Yekaterinburg, Russia, in May. ARISF urges the GAISF Council to consult with all concerned parties before proceeding with an expedited disbanding process. However, the ARISF Council is urged to provide a clear road map and adequate time for consultation.

ARISF’s proposal also calls for a chronogram and a transparent road map for the disbanding process. The ARISF Council has urged the GAISF to allow a reasonable amount of time for consultation. The next General Assembly in Yekaterinburg is scheduled for May. During this time, the ARISF will discuss the proposals.

The GAISF Consejo met on 30 November to discuss the letter and its implications. It is likely that the World Combat Games will continue, but the ARISF Consecration should also consider the broader implications of the disbanding of GAISF. Not only would the World Combat Games suffer, but other multi-sports events would not have the same umbrella organization.

It should be noted that the disbanding of the GAISF requires a majority vote of its 97 miembros. Besides, the ARISF can vote for minor bloqueos, as long as it is a majority. For the sake of transparency, it is important to note that the entire charter is not yet available on the internet. But the text is publicly available.

It is vital to note that the GAISF is legally required to have a majority vote to disband. If the GAISF is disbanded, the process will be fast and hurried, despite the 97 miembros. There are no fewer than 97 miembros in the GAISF. Therefore, a major bloqueo is a requirement for the disbanding of the GAISF.

The disbanding of GAISF would require a majority of 97 miembros to disband. The ARISF could vote for a minor bloqueo instead. The GAISF charter is dated 3 december 2021. The federation’s constitution does not permit an expedited disbanding process. AMFDISF has a quorum of 97 miembros.

The ARISF has repeatedly called for the disbanding of GAISF as an unsustainable approach to sport governance. It is not a good way to improve sport in the world. The GAISF’s mandate is vital. A successful global federation is one that can attract millions of spectators. A quick disbanding of GAISF would be a disaster for sports worldwide.

The ARISF also urged the board to halt the disbanding of GAISF as it is not a sustainable way to run the global sports movement. Moreover, the federation must remain committed to its mission of promoting sport around the world. The ARISF has made this commitment by supporting various organisations and holding a virtual General Assembly after rescheduling the SportAccord World Sport and Business Summit.

It is a mistake to expedite the disbanding of GAISF without consulting its members. Whether this move is in the best interests of the sport community, the federation is a non-profit organization. If the federation seeks to disband GAISF, the ARISF’s members will be unable to participate in the governing body.

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