Asia Pacific Jump Rope Union Formed

It’s time to cheer for jumpers and skippers in Asia because the two rival organizations Asian Rope Skipping Federation and Asia Pacific Jump Rope Federation may have merged. The agreement signed by both the organizations today on 18th March 2018 in Hong Kong. Interesting to mention that only Michael Chan – President China Rope Skipping Association was present in the meeting, no any other ARSF country representative or ARSF board member was present. Michael Chan is President of Asian Rope Skipping Federation also. The copy of agreement not released yet, that is creating confusion if it is CRSA who signed the agreement or the two organizations APJRF and ARSF.

It is for sure that the new name of the organization is Asia Pacific Jump Rope Union APJRU. The new name is in the line of recently formed International Jump Rope Union. The sport will be popular as Jump Rope and no need to mention that the word “Rope Skipping” will be history.

Skippers and Jumpers from all over the world were divided into two parts because of the two parallel organizations and the new merger is a major relief for them. The new merger will strengthen the sport and pave the way for recognition at international level.


It is important to mention that Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) would the first and one of the most important organizations to recognize the IJRU.  A possibility is that their membership will be approved in GAISF Board meeting on 19 April and AGM 20 April at Bangkok, Thailand. Players strength will grow but the number of countries of merged federation won’t grow much. Most of the member countries are common, it would be around 14/15.

Former Asian President Harpal Singh Flora welcomed the move ” Everyone should welcome the merger, it is in favor of sport and players. Both organizations should get a fair share in the new board.” The Presidents of both Asian federations could not be reached for comments because the meeting is still going on in Hong Kong.


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