BREAKING NEWS: International Jump Rope Union formed secretly

The merger of International Rope Skipping Federation (FISAC) and World Jump Rope Federation (WJRF)

WJRF and FISAC-IRSF executives secretly forms the International Jump Rope Union IJRU without consent of board members.

End of year 2017, the International Jump Rope Union (IJRU) was formed by FISAC and WJRF. The board members of these organisations are included in the new board of IJRU. The main motto of merging both the organizations is to get entry in GAISF. Actually, both organizations do not have sufficient number of member countries to get recognition of GAISF.

IJRU Attending Sport Accord Convention

The newly formed International Jump Rope Union representatives are attending Sport Accord Convention in Bangkok in April. The representation is dominated by World Jump Rope Federation members.

GAISF – First Step For IOC.

First step to get recognition of the International Olympic Committee is GAISF membership. Earlier known as “Sport Accord”, it is renamed as GAISF (Global Association of International Sports Federations). Federation must have at least 25 national member organizations from five continents. The members should be either recognized by the government or by the national Olympic Association. GAISF gives Observer status after fulfilling this condition. That means they will work under observation until they reach full membership by fulfilling the criteria.

Both the International Rope Skipping Federation and the World Jump Rope Federation do not have enough members. It does not mean that the jump rope or rope skipping is not popular. Around 60 countries are having active participation and organising the tournaments at various level. But, only 25-30 member countries organizations have recognition by government or by the national Olympic. Initially, the FISAC was the only governing body at word level, but in last few years one new organization named World Jump Rope Federation came in existence and both organizations started their own way in the name of Rope Skipping and Jump Rope.

WJRF was trying to gain over FISAC

The World Jump Rope Federation has quickly made its place in the some parts of the world. They tried their best to get ahead of their parallel organisation the International Rope Skipping Federation (FISAC). WJRF contacted the national associations worldwide and quickly added them to their members list. The race between WJRF & IRSF began to get GAISF recognition first but this could not happen.

Harpal Singh Flora then Vice President of the International Rope Skipping Federation (FISAC), played major role in winding up the hopes of WJRF. As soon Harpal Singh Flora became Vice President, the emphasis was on the recognition of the Sport Accord and various other international multi sport organisations like TAFISA and AIMS etc. but other members of the Board that time did not take it seriously. Harpal Singh Flora continued building pressure on board, ultimately board allowed him to contact the Sport Accord (GAISF) for the recognition. But unfortunately within a few months the term of Harpal Singh Flora ended in July 2016. This was the time when World Jump Rope Federation also approached “GAISF” (Sport Accord) for recognition.

GAISF Guidance

It is believed that “GAISF” gave them information about the loss due to the game having two organizations and also told that recognition for both would be difficult. The possibility is that then the two organizations decided to merge. But the major problem in the merger is at national level.

How many members will be involved in the new board of both organizations? Apart from this, the problem is that if the new organization “IJRU” wants to work as a sole organization, then they will have to persuade organizations such as DDC World and World Inter School Rope Skipping Organization to merge with IJRU. Weather these two organisation agree to merger or run their own? Seems the name Jump Rope will gain instead of Rope Skipping.

The merger of these organizations is important for the development of this game. No doubt the process of merging is very difficult, many problems will have to be resolved. International Jump Rope Union could change the future of this sport.

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