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Council of Europe: seventeenth Conference of Ministers for Sport of the Council of Europe

Photo from the 17th ministerial meeting of the Council of Europe

On October 26 and 27, the 17p Council of Europe Conference of Ministers responsible for Sport in Antalya, Turkey, the country that will host the ISF Winter Gymnastics in February 2023 in Erzurum.

The event was attended by ISF, which is a member of and chairs the EPAS Consultative Committee.

On this occasion, Member States adopted two resolutions:

* Sport for all: uniting us for stronger societies

* A new look at sport: paving the way for a healthy and sustainable future.

The ISF took the floor to draw attention to the following issues:

This there has been a steady decline in sporting activity, especially in organized sport and especially among teenage girls. This practice is understood as providing an appropriate structured structure to be developed with appropriate professional technical, pedagogical and educational support for the benefit of practitioners and the community at large.

The role of sport has never been so important, which is why we must take into account the sports dimension in redactionuniversitydevelopment of intelligence and intelligence, as well as in a healthy policy, including the “mental and cognitive” one. To ensure this, all stakeholders must work together

Strengthening the relationship between educational institutions and organized sport in order to acquire the right knowledge for sustainable and independent living to cope with rapid changesS With our societies to strengthen responsible citizenship based on values

The issue of resources is crucial, policies must be proactive, with an approach focused on education, prevention and adaptation. which school sport is a suitable and wonderful tool

October 27 extra an event took place entitled:

Inclusion of migrants and refugees through sport: assessing current best practices, identifying weaknesses and finding ways to progress

Among many large sports organizations, such as the IOC and UEFA, the ISF presents the actions taken this year to ensure the presence of Ukrainian teams in May at the 18th Gymnasiade – Normandy 2022 and in Strbskie PforestSlovakia at the ISF World Cross Country School Sport Championship.

Through its activities, the ISF draws attention to the fact that sports and educational structures have always been vectors of receiving and integrating people who have emigrated. Sports communities have enabled migrants to be surrounded, guided, advised and finally integrated in a flexible and discreet way in their host countries thanks to a huge network of very diverse people involved in sport. Isn’t one of the features of sport its SOCIAL CAPITAL from the most local to the most international level and from the most integrated people to people in the process of integration.

Information and documents concerning the Conference are available on the website:

XVII Conference of Ministers of Sport – Speakers (coe.int)

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