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Dynamics and Dimensions of eSports

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Internet is ruling the world and eSports has monopolized it.  Computer Science has set sky as the limit in innovations.  Education, governance, GPS, medical monitoring, entertainment and eSports are all results of limitless applications in the Computer Science world.  Physically being a part of any sport is an aspect that involves active participation, practice, place to play, people to organize and conduct it…Yes has happened.

Now, eEsports gives limitless opportunities to play many games, roles, professionals and experience it in a simulated environment. A player, physically on the field can excel only in his domain but a tech savvy can involve and excel in all available esports!  eSports facilitates the players to pick-up a game of their choice, at a time convenient to them and excel in multiple levels. There are jargons and rules specific to the game which opens a new interesting world for players.   eSports is for any age group who would indulge and get satisfaction in simulated sports. 

eSports is played, experienced and enjoyed by millions all over the world.  eSports with auditory and visual effects, sets competitive levels for players online or offline.  This era is for eSports competitions, that are organized regularly and the participation is sky rocketing.

Much before, internetworking revolutionized the functioning of the systems in the world, Stanford University, America, initiated eSports between two teams in the year 1972. Gaining popularity around 1990, world tournaments were organized from the beginning of the new millennium.  During this period, the video games were viewed by 300 million from 152 countries.  International eSports Federation controlled and organized (IeSF) games. Each country has local federations to organize and administer functions related to the tournaments.  The South Korean Federation holds a major role in exposing eSport officially on the net.  Asian continent takes the pride of making eSport a part of the Asiad Indoor Games.   Indoor and Martial Arts eSports gained recognition and popularity during 4th Asian Indoor Games.  The government of the United States recognized eSports officially in 2013and visa for international tournament players is easily granted.  eSporting has gained that much popularity today that three universities award ‘Athletic Scholarships’ to the players. 

With increasing number of players each year, the IeSF has forty six member countries with categories like full membership, associate membership and affiliated membership.  International eSport Federation is an authority in upgrading the affiliated countries after an intense evaluation over a period of one year.  Criteria for initial membership itself are demanding which tells us the overall quality that IeSF maintains.  21 Asian countries, 17 European countries, 4 America and 2 each from Oceania and America are full members of IeSF. 

  • RTS – Real-time Strategy
  • FPS – First person Shooter
  • MOBA – Multiplayer Online Battor Arena
  • Fighting

Are most sought after categories of games around the world. 

‘Defense of the Ancient’ (DOTA), ‘League of Legends’ (LoL), ‘Counter Strike’ and FIFA are only a few popular names of eSporting.  FIFA is not connected to football at all.  Such fancy names excite the players and make playing, curious and interesting.  Television channels and internet telecast the tournament live which gets swarmed by the spectators.  Marking the highest ever, 36 million enthusiasts watched the ‘League of Legends’ World Championship in the year 2015.  Surely, eSporting is here to stay for long.   

eSporting  is a booming global business sector with  huge investments, advertising, ticket selling, betting, licensing, sponsorships, merchandizing…surely, an opportunist’s paradise! The dynamics of the game varies with the changing demography.  A phenomenal 3.5 million US dollars was the prize money rewarded for the professionals in the first year of eSports inception.  This electronic Sport satisfies the imagination and playing instincts of the people involved both the creative manufacturers of the games and the skilled players equally.   This new era sport will be a rich and rewarding of all game genres.  It’s perhaps impossible to estimate the money invested and revenue generated in the game so far. 

 eSports is captivating for developed and developing countries.  Both men and women play it with equal interest and especially the young adults show more involvement in it. The experienced seniors are relentlessly building and structuring the gaming industry.   ‘Electronic Sports’, a multiplayer video game that is played competitively for spectators, typically by professional gamers making millions of spectators ecstatic, is here to stay and grow for all reasons in all seasons.

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