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Energetic City International Webinar


Liverpool John Moores University, TAFISA and Evaleo, a leading provider of digital solutions for the sport and physical activity sector, collaborated to organize The International Active City webinar. The aim was to bring together experts from various fields to discuss challenges and opportunities to promote physical activity and sport in urban areas.

The delegates of the organization shared their knowledge about the role of sport and physical activity in the development of cities. It was a platform for participants to exchange ideas, best practices and network with other professionals.

The webinar was attended by participants from around the world, including representatives of Global Active cities, sports and recreation associations, as well as Sport for All and physical activity professionals. “We need to strengthen communication on the core elements and how we implement and share this knowledge,” Dr. Fiona Bull, head of the WHO Physical Activity Promotion Unit, opened with a speech on the importance of creating connected, active cities, the tools needed to do so and overcoming the challenges of the pandemic to promote healthy lifestyles and social cohesion.

One of the key topics discussed was the need to design cities in a way that encourages physical activity. In this field, Klaus Meinel of IAKS presented examples of active cities developed to engage and transform spaces and explained the process as “creating public spaces such as parks and recreation areas that encourage people to be active and play sports”.

Speakers also discussed the challenges and opportunities of using digital technology and solutions to promote physical activity and how it can help cities create more active, healthy and sustainable communities. The webinar received a positive response from attendees, who praised the high quality of the content, expert speakers and the opportunity to connect with others in the field. It provided a platform for professionals and all interested parties to discuss together the challenges and opportunities to promote sport for all and physical activity in urban areas.

Relive the webinar with our video replay below or on youtube.

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