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European Curling Championships 2022: The way to watch – preview, schedule and stars in motion

European Curling Championships 2022: How to watch - preview, schedule and stars in action

The European Curling Championships 2022 are going to Östersund, Sweden, November 18-26 for a few days of action.

The men’s and women’s championships will be held simultaneously, meaning the Östersund arena will host twice as many competitions.

With results Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics sitting in the background when 20 teams come out will be a point of intrigue.

Both events will adopt the same format. All teams will play each other once on a round-robin basis before the top four teams are paired in the semi-finals, with the winners advancing to the final.

The top seven teams from both competitions will also qualify for their own 2023 Men’s Curling World Championships and 2023 Women’s Curling World Championships appropriately.

European Curling Championship 2022: Teams

Women’s teams at the 2022 European Curling Championships

  • Scotland

  • Sweden

  • Denmark

  • Germany

  • Hungary

  • Italy

  • Latvia

  • Turkey

  • Switzerland

  • Norway

The men’s teams at the 2022 European Curling Championships

  • Scotland

  • Sweden

  • Czech Republic

  • Denmark

  • Germany

  • Italy

  • Norway

  • Switzerland

  • Spain

  • Turkey

European Curling Championship 2022: Schedule

All times are in Central European Time (UTC+1).

Friday November 18

Round robin women 1 – 20:00

  • Sheet A: Italy v Germany

  • Sheet B: Sweden v Denmark

  • Sheet C: Switzerland v Latvia

  • Sheet D: Norway v Hungary

  • Sheet E: Turkey v Scotland

Saturday November 19

Round robin men, session 1 – 09:00

  • Sheet A: Spain v Turkey

  • Sheet B: Italy v Norway

  • Sheet C: Sweden v Denmark

  • Sheet D: Switzerland v Czech Republic

  • Sheet E: Scotland v Germany

Women’s Group Round 2 – 2:00 p.m

  • Sheet A: Denmark v Norway

  • Sheet B: Germany v Hungary

  • Sheet C: Turkey v Italy

  • Sheet D: Scotland v Latvia

  • Sheet E: Sweden v Switzerland

Round robin men 2 – 19:00

  • Sheet A: Norway v Switzerland

  • Sheet B: Turkey v Czech Republic

  • Sheet C: Scotland v Spain

  • Sheet D: Germany v Denmark

  • Sheet E: Italy v Sweden

Sunday November 20

Women’s round robin 3 – 09:00

  • Sheet A: Latvia v. Sweden

  • Sheet B: Italy v Scotland

  • Sheet C: Germany v Norway

  • Sheet D: Switzerland v Turkey

  • Sheet E: Denmark v Hungary

Round with men 3 – 14:00

  • Sheet A: Denmark v Italy

  • Sheet B: Spain v Germany

  • Sheet C: Turkey v Switzerland

  • Sheet D: Sweden v Scotland

  • Sheet E: Norway v Czech Republic

Round robin women 4 – 19:00

  • Sheet A: Hungary v Turkey

  • Sheet B: Switzerland v Norway

  • Sheet C: Scotland v Denmark

  • Sheet D: Latvia v Italy

  • Sheet E: Germany v Sweden

Monday November 21

Men’s session with everyone with everyone 4 – 08:00

  • Sheet A: Czech Republic v Scotland

  • Sheet B: Sweden v Switzerland

  • Sheet C: Germany v Norway

  • Sheet D: Denmark v Spain

  • Sheet E: Turkey v Italy

Women’s round 5 – 12:00

  • Sheet A: Switzerland v Denmark

  • Sheet B: Turkey v Germany

  • Sheet C: Italy v Hungary

  • Sheet D: Sweden v Scotland

  • Sheet E: Norway v Latvia

Round with all men 5 – 16:00

  • Sheet A: Sweden v Norway

  • Sheet B: Scotland v Turkey

  • Sheet C: Spain v Czech Republic

  • Sheet D: Italy v Germany

  • Sheet E: Switzerland v Denmark

Women’s round 6 – 20:00

Tuesday November 22

Round-robin men 6 – 09:00

  • Sheet A: Scotland v Denmark

  • Sheet B: Norway v Spain

  • Sheet C: Switzerland v Italy

  • Sheet D: Czech Republic v. Sweden

  • Sheet E: Germany v Turkey

Women’s Round 7 – 14:00

  • Sheet A: Sweden v Hungary

  • Sheet B: Scotland v Switzerland

  • Sheet C: Latvia v. Germany

  • Sheet D: Turkey v Denmark

  • Sheet E: Italy v Norway

Round with all men 7 – 19:00

  • Sheet A: Italy v Czech Republic

  • Sheet B: Germany v Sweden

  • Sheet C: Denmark v Turkey

  • Sheet D: Scotland v Norway

  • Sheet E: Spain v Switzerland

Wednesday November 23

Round-robin women 8 – 09:00

  • Sheet A: Germany v Switzerland

  • Sheet B: Norway v Turkey

  • Sheet C: Hungary v Scotland

  • Sheet D: Italy v Sweden

  • Sheet E: Latvia v. Denmark

Round with all men 8 – 14:00

  • Sheet A: Turkey v Sweden

  • Sheet B: Switzerland v Scotland

  • Sheet C: Czech Republic v. Germany

  • Sheet D: Spain v Italy

  • Sheet E: Denmark v Norway

Women’s round 9 – 19:00

  • Sheet A: Norway v Scotland

  • Sheet B: Hungary v Latvia

  • Sheet C: Sweden v Turkey

  • Sheet D: Denmark v Germany

  • Sheet E: Switzerland v Italy

Thursday November 24

Round-robin men 9 – 08:00

  • Sheet A: Switzerland v Germany

  • Sheet B: Czech Republic v. Denmark

  • Sheet C: Italy v Scotland

  • Sheet D: Norway v Turkey

  • Sheet E: Sweden v Spain

Women’s semi-final session 1 – 12:00

Women’s Semi-Final Session 2 – 4:00 p.m

Men’s semi-final session 1 – 20:00

Friday November 25

Men’s semi-final session 2 – 09:00

Women’s bronze medal match – 14:00

Men’s bronze medal match – 19:00

Saturday November 26

Women’s gold medal game – 09:00

Men’s gold medal match – 13:00

Oskar Eriksson is expected to take over as skipper while Niklas Edin is recovering from surgery

Photo from 2022. Getty Images

European Curling Championship: Teams to watch out for

Men’s curling competition

Defending champions Scotland will be aiming for a hat-trick of European titles when they land in Sweden, but the 2022 Beijing Olympic silver medalists know their quest for victory in Östersund will not be easy.

Between Team Mouat and the third continental crown, there will be plenty of teams ready to knock the Scots off their perch, including perennial rivals and seven-time European champions Sweden.

At the February Games in the People’s Republic of China, Team Edin added another chapter to their enduring rivalry as Sweden defeated Mouat and his British-flagged men to claim Olympic gold.

Although it was heartbreaking for Mouat, it was euphoric Niklas Edin, Oscar Eriksson, rasmus Wrana and Christoffer sungren which has been chasing gold since 2010.

But just as this year’s Europeans promised another clash between the two top teams, the injury played its part.

Mouat’s second Lammie suffered a broken arm early in the season, meaning the Scots competed in their first two Grand Slam curling tournaments with poor strength. While Lammie is back in shape, there may be questions about how the current champions are prepared to compete.

As for Sweden, they will be without their Edin skip as the Olympic champion was forced to undergo surgery after suffering a knee injury at a Grand Slam event. Vice-skipper Erikson is widely expected to take over as skipper in turns Daniel Magnusson will be promoted to the team.

Edin’s absence will be a significant blow to Sweden, but with plenty of winning team experience and added support at home, they remain strong contenders for the crown.

Among the other teams that could pose a threat to Mouat, there are many Olympians in the fight.

Switzerland will build on the experience of the 2018 Olympic bronze medalist Benoit Schwarz to lead them to glory while Italy left out Joel retortwill feature three of the four members who took to the ice at Beijing 2022, including the mixed doubles gold medalist Amos Mosaner.

Team Sweden omitted by Hasselborg in action at Beijing 2022

Photo from 2022. Getty Images

Women’s curling competition

While Scotland are the reigning European champions, the team that will defend the crown in Sweden will look much different than the one that won it.

Beijing 2022 gold medalists Eve Muirhead and Vicky Wright both have now retired from professional curling, paving the way for a new team to represent saltire in Sweden.

Rebecca Morrison is set to skip Gina Aitken, Sophia Jackson and Sophia Sinclair at the tournament, and while most of the rink may be new to the European scene, they are a unit not to be underestimated.

Last month, the Scottish champions took their first victory on Canadian ice at the final of the Albert Curling Series in Leduc, setting them up well for the challenge ahead.

Just like in the men’s competition, the Swedes will want to get revenge in Östersund.

Two-time European champion (2018, 2019) Hasselborg was turned down by Muirhead last year in Lillehammer and after failing to defend her Olympic gold earlier this year in Beijing 2022. She will come to Östersund with two new teammates looking to improve her international record.

The reigning world champions Switzerland and Italy will also take part in the pursuit of the title.

Swiss Skip Silvana Tirinzoni she will return to the ice with the same rink where she won her third world title earlier this year, posing quite a threat to all challengers flocking to Sweden.

Meanwhile, Italy will be left out of the 2022 mixed doubles gold medalist Beijing Stephanie Constantini.

Constantini was a substitute in the Italian team that won bronze in European competition in 2017 and a breakout star from co-host Cortina d’Ampezzo 2026 Winter Olympicswill be looking for an update.

• Everything you need to know about Stefania Constantini: the new Italian curling star

How to watch European Curling Championships 2022

Matches from the European Curling Championship 2022 will be available to watch on The Curling Channel, with a select few broadcast on World Curling TV.

More information, including the championship broadcast schedule, can be found on the website Curling world.

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