Home School Sports Finding probably the most talented young athletes in Rwanda

Finding probably the most talented young athletes in Rwanda

Finding the most talented young athletes in Rwanda

From January 3 to 6, 425 U16 students from Rwanda gathered at the “Groupe Scolaire Official de Butare” (GSOB) school to identify the most talented athletes in football, basketball, volleyball and handball.

This was the second search for talented young athletes, the first took place on December 19, 2018. The Deputy Chancellor of the Technical Department at the Furere Rudasingwa School Camille was the project representative in Huye, sharing some of the thoughts behind the event. “We are very grateful for this initiative this school year, as it was undertaken specifically to allow children with athletic talents to be sent to selected schools to be closely monitored by coaches and specialists.”

One of the teachers who came to help select the best participants was Mr. Mashami Vincent who now coaches football at national level and added: “I saw that in both categories we have many talented athletes who can make our country very important in football football. The only problem is the lack of trainers. They have a lot of competition and they get a good platform, the best for their age and the best exercise equipment.”

This shows the clear desire of the Rwandan Ministry of Education to provide school sports with a platform to further develop the current sports youth.

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