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FISU/AIPS Young Reporters chosen for FISU Games in Lake Placid 2023

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November 18, 2022 | in the Young Reporters Program, FISU Winter University World Games

FISU/AIPS Young Reporters selected for FISU Games in Lake Placid 2023

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International sporting events create many exciting and special moments where fans rely on media representatives to share these stories. For the 2023 FISU World University Games in Lake Placid, six reporters will be from the FISU/AIPS (International Sports Press Association) Young Reporter Program. Out of many outstanding candidates, Julieta Boschiazzo (Argentina), Miha Trošt (Slovenia), Annika Saunus (Germany), Diana Hong (Korea), Christopher Benítez Cuartas (United States) and Louis Gilles (France) were selected to work at Lake Placid.

48629284522 5968d3c438 c“Going to an international sporting event is a dream for me. I am very excited to participate in all competitions and breathe sport. I’ve never been to the US so I’m looking forward to the trip, getting to know the city and joining all the people who are going to this event and learning about their culture,” Boschiazzo said, excited about the opportunity. Hong added, “I am very excited to meet other reporters, literally from all over the world! I look forward to hearing their insights on their sports media experience so far, and I look forward to covering matches with them. “

While their primary role will be to use their writing, interviewing, and video journalism skills to cover events in the Lake Placid and North Country regions, attendees will also attend lectures by seasoned journalists, broadcasters, and media experts. This will help supplement the knowledge and further development of these career reporters. “I hope that during the program I will broaden my knowledge and gain new skills in the field of media coverage of sports events, in the sector in which I would like to work in the future. I am especially excited to work with a mentor and to gain new insights from an expert in the field,” Saunus said, outlining her goals for the program.


For many participants of the Young Reporters Program, participation in the FISU World University Games is a significant step in their careers, and many former participants have worked in various media sectors. So for those who come to Lake Placid, they see this as a significant potential step up in their dreams of working in sports media. Louis Gilles commented: “The job of a journalist is fascinating in itself, but I realize that the most motivation, happiness and dedication I receive is [in] my job is to talk or write about sports. It can’t be a coincidence!” Trošt echoed these views, adding: “Teamwork will make the show even better, and I think we can all make progress in this aspect. The [FISU] The World University Games is a big event – I think it’s also important to learn how to work on such big events.”

Preparations are underway for the arrival of each FISU Young Reporter to Lake Placid. It’s going to be a busy time for them, with lots of events to cover, interviews to do, photos to take and stories to write. Reflecting on his thoughts before arriving at Lake Placid, Benitez Cuartas summed up well the importance of major international events. “Sport may be the last safe haven from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. Although he is obviously not immune to it, my main admiration for [FISU] The World University Games is the closest thing to achieving that goal to the fullest extent.” All six will be able to experience and contribute to it starting on January 12 at the FISU Games in Lake Placid 2023.

Written by Doug McLean

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