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FISU Student Ambassadors present project proposals in latest session

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03 November 2023 | in Education

FISU Student Ambassadors present project proposals in latest session

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FISU Student Ambassadors held their latest session on 30 October to present their group project proposals and to hear the launch of the FISU Student Springboard programme.


FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy alumnus and project leader Ahmad Halawi introduced the subsequent presentations, having led a workshop on proposal writing back in September. This led into the diverse and unique proposals from the various groups. These included:

  • Group 1a – focused on promoting community unity and well-being and the impact of a university sports festival on a community

  • Group 1b – their proposal focused on community building and connection between students and athletes, as well as enhancing the relationship between students and universities, while encouraging a culture of volunteering

  • Group 3a – presented about FISU’s athlete development programme, aiming at creating an environment where athletes are able to showcase their talents and increase participation

  • Group 4a – spoke about how student athletes can achieve comprehensive well-being in a dual career – this project aims at providing comprehensive support systems that blend sport benefits with academic excellence for student athletes

  • Group 4b – focused their proposal on the art of defence – it aims at promoting physical and mental well-being, promoting martial arts and encouraging more people to join


“It was incredible to see the diverse range of ideas that emerged during the group proposal presentations. The level of creativity and thoughtfulness demonstrated by FISUScreenshot 2023 10 30 at 17.07.11 student ambassadors truly showcased the passion and dedication we all share for improving the lives of students”, said Diana Barasa, FISU Student Ambassador for Kenya.


The FISU Student Springboard Programme was also introduced by FISU Education Committee members Bill Thompson and Daniel Studer. This programme provides year long mentorship with mentors and mentees matched based on such criteria as region and language. Interested Ambassadors are asked to provide a statement of interest in the programme which commences in January of 2024.


The next session will be held 27 November at 15.00 CET and will be dedicated to the FISU Committees and will be presented by the FISU Student Committee.


Written by Doug McLean

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