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Former French Open Champion Ana Ivanovic on Pressure, Parenting and Beating Husband Bastian Schweinsteiger

Ana Ivanovic on pressure, parenting and beating her husband Bastian Schweinsteiger

Ana Ivanovic: ‘Women have much more pressure to perform’

Among the players currently on the women’s tour, there is no shortage of players impressing Ivanovic, who alone spent 12 weeks at the top of the women’s rankings.

Pawel Badosa, Maria Sakari, He is Jabeur and the current number one in the world Iga Swiatek these are all the names that have captured her imagination.

“I really like her style of play, it reminds me a bit of my game,” Ivanovic said of the Polish player. “Especially when I saw her win Roland Garros in 2020. He really enjoys running around his forehand; has a really interesting game.”

?wi?tek is famous for later becoming the best female player in the world Ash Barty shockingly revealed that she is retiring from the sport.

The Australian said that in addition to achieving her goals, she was done with the physical strain of the sport, declaring she was “spent”.

Barta’s decision to retire at just 25 is especially forgiving of Ivanovic; such decisions are extremely personal and are always made for good reasons, he explains.

Certainly, looking at the Serbian, there is no doubt that female fighters are now under more scrutiny than ever before, meaning decisions like Barty’s may be more commonplace in the coming years:

“Weirdly, there’s so much, but there’s a lot more pressure on women to perform, to be consistently on top,” explains Ivanovic. “Osaka, she talked a lot about the mental struggles and the mental pressure she has and I think everyone has that. Everyone just deals with it. And it’s not always nice, it’s not always easy.

“During my career, it was sometimes very difficult because I was so focused on the outside, the results, what people thought and so on. And then you realize that it’s not what really matters, it’s what comes from within. I think the mental part of the game is becoming much more important than ever.

“I remember being annoyed that a lot of times people didn’t really know what was going on behind the scenes because they only see the tip of the iceberg. Everything else is what we do off the pitch. in pre-season, what do we do in training weeks, what do we do before matches and nobody sees it and why would I want to go into all these details?

“People make judgments based on what they see, which is not – well, most of the time – the complete story. It can be really hard for players to accept that because they know the truth is different.”

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