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From the Game of Thrones expansion to the central swimming scene in Ireland

From the Game of Thrones expansion to the central swimming scene in Ireland

A historic year crowned with a podium

The Tokyo Olympics were a watershed moment for the rising star of Irish swimming. Not only did he win the 800m, but he also set a new personal best by surpassing expectations at his first Olympics.

But that was just the beginning of a 12-month period in which he broke numerous Irish records – he currently holds eight – and won a medal at one of the most prestigious international sporting events of the year.

After reaching the final of the 800m at the Budapest World Championships in June, Wiffen headed to the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, where he started, coming painfully close to the podium when he finished fourth – by a mustache – in the 400m freestyle.

But the best was yet to come. Wiffen ran home in the 1,500 m, setting a new Irish record of 14:51.79 and winning a historic silver medal.

What was most delighted with Wiffen’s dramatic performance that day was his family, who watched him from the crowd.

“All my family, all my friends from Loughborough and the coaches who have tutored me since I was younger all came to watch this 1500 final so everyone could watch it in person which was pretty cool.

“I think they tried to interview my parents when I was racing and my parents said, ‘You can’t interview us while he’s racing, we’re watching the race!

Outside of competition, Wiffen has yet to give up his screen presence. He still documents his and his brother’s training and competitions in his personal vlogs on the site Wiffen Twins channel on YouTube.

Now, nearly 10 years after his supporting role in Game of Thrones, the Irish Commonwealth Games record and medalist is certainly in the spotlight, with Paris 2024 less than two years away.

And while he has no plans – or time – to return to acting, with Olympic and world medals on his bucket list, there is one role that may tempt him to return to the land of television.

“If something came up that I like, like if I wanted to be in a new one Dragon Houseif it were offered to me, I would probably find some time to get involved.”

But for now, with his sports star on the rise, people should be asking the question: where were you when you watched Daniel Wiffen?

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