True to the spirit with which the whole Winter Olympics Games at Pyeongchang 2018 is loomed, the unified Korean women’s Ice Hockey team played together to challenge Switzerland at the opening preliminary match.  The Republic of Korea (ROK) and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), exhibited strength and held together the main purpose of the Winter Games which is to bring peace and harmony on the land of Korea.

At the Kwandong Hockey Centre, on 10th February, fans flooded in to the 6,000 capacity stadium.  The cheering resounded in the stadium and from the first whistle blown, till the end; the cheer chanting energized the players.  Switzerland, ranked 6th in the world and who are bronze medalists at Sochi 2014, won with 8-0. But what mattered to the Koreans was unification than victory!

Of course, with sportsman’s spirit very much bubbling from within, Koreans would have gone hyper and frenzy, with their home team scoring in Women’s Ice Hockey, but the neighboring countries’ bonding got warmer competing on the ice is most welcomed compliment.


Korea vs Swiss

Alina Muller of Switzerland was very quick with four goals and further commanding on the field, Phoebe Staenz and Lara Stalder added more to their scores. Nothing seemed to deter the fans from cheering nor did it dampen the players’ spirits.  Jang Sung-ho who witnessed the game with his family commented that he was touched and felt fortunate for witnessing a historic game that would add to the inter-Korean Peace.

Oh Eun Seok, 44 years office worker too echoed similar thoughts and said ‘It is a historic game.  This small step will pave the way for inter- Korean peace.

Moon Jae in and the Kims – Kim Jong Un and Kim Yong Nam, got together on the ice, spoke encouraging words with the team as the cheerleaders went ecstatic singing in the stands.  The team players flashed their specially made white jerseys with the image of United Korean Peninsula shimmering in pale blue. The leaders and the players, captured the moment by posing cheerfully in front of the camera that is worth displaying on the wall of fame!