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Hockey World Cup 2023 results, table and points table

Hockey World Cup 2023 results, table and points table

The FIH 2023 Men’s Hockey World Championshiptaking place in Odisha’s Bhubaneswar and Rourkela from January 13 to 29, it features 16 of the world’s best teams battling for the coveted title.

The 16 teams participating in the 2023 Ice Hockey World Championships have been divided into four groups – A to D – with four teams each. Teams from each group will face each other in the group stage of the competition in a round-robin format.

2023 Men’s Ice Hockey World Championship groups

Pool A: Australia, South Africa, France, Argentina

Pool B: Belgium, Japan, Korea, Germany

Pool C: Netherlands, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand

D pool: India, Wales, Spain, England

After the group stage, the top teams from each pool will directly qualify for the quarter-finals based on their results. Meanwhile, the second- and third-placed teams from the four groups will face off in crossover matches to determine the remaining four quarter-finalists.

Teams that are eliminated from the championship race will play placement matches until the 2023 World Men’s Hockey Championship final position is determined.

The final of the 2023 Men’s Hockey World Championship will be played on January 29, with the third-place match earlier in the day. You can find the full 2023 FIH Ice Hockey World Championship schedule here.

Here you will find all Odisha Hockey World Cup 2023 results, points tables, tables for each group and all knockout round results including the final.

2023 FIH Men’s Hockey World Championship: Scores, Results and Group Stage Points Table

Hockey World Cup 2023 Pool A Points Table

Group A scores and results

Match: Argentina 1-0 South Africa

(Goal scorers: Argentina – Maico Casella 43′; South Africa – NA)

Match: Australia 8-0 France

(scorers: Australia – Thomas Craig 9′, 32′, 45′, Jeremy Hayward 27′, 29′, 32′, Flynn Ogilvie 27′, Thomas Wickham 54′; France – NA)

Match: France vs South Africa

Match: Argentina vs Australia

Match: Australia vs South Africa

Match: France vs Argentina

Group B scores and results

Match: Belgium 5-0 South Korea

(scorers: Belgium – Alexander Hendricx 31′, Tanguy Cosyns 43′, Van Aubel 50′, Sebastien Docker 52′, Arthur De Sloover 58′; South Korea – NA)

Match: Germany 3-0 Japan

(Goal scorers: Germany – Mats Grambusch 36′, Jan Ruhr 41′, Thies Prinz 49′; Japan – NA)

Match: South Korea vs Japan

Match: Germany vs Belgium

Match: Belgium vs Japan

Match: South Korea vs Germany

Group C scores and results

Match: New Zealand 3-1 Chile

(scorers: New Zealand – Sam Lane 10′, Samuel Hiha 12′, 19′; Chile – Ignacio Contrado 50′)

Match: Netherlands 4-0 Malaysia

(Scorers: Netherlands – Thijs Van Dam 20′, Jip Janssen 24′, Teun Beins 47′, Jorrit Croon 60′; Malaysia – NA)

Match: Malaysia vs Chile

Match: New Zealand vs Netherlands

Match: Malaysia vs New Zealand

Match: Netherlands vs Chile

Group D scores and results

Match: England 5-0 Wales

(scorers: England – Nicholas Park 1′, Liam Ansell 28′, 38′, Phil Roper 42′, Nicholas Bandurak 58′; Wales – NA)

Match: India 2-0 Spain

(Goal scorers: India – Amit Rohidas 13′, Hardik Singh 27′; Spain – NA)

Match: Spain 5-1 Wales

(scorers: Spain – Marc Reyne 17′, 39′, Alvaro Iglesias 23′, Marc Miralles 33′, 57′; Wales – James Carson 53′)

Match: England 0-0 India

(Goal scorers: India – NA; England – NA)

Match: Spain vs England

Match: India vs Wales

* The top teams from each pool qualify for the quarter-finals

** Second and third-place teams from each pool participate in crossovers

Glossary: ??GF – goals scored (goals scored), GA – goals conceded (goals conceded), GD – goal difference

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