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How good is the striker?

How good is the striker?

Son of Heung-Min became one of the men’s most impressive players football.

When Republic of Korea line up for them FIFA World Cup matches at Qatar 2022Much attention has been given to the striker’s health and fitness – considering that just weeks ago, on November 4, he underwent surgery after breaking his face in an on-pitch collision.

The Spurs star is currently training with a mask and is hoping to be able to score the goals needed to succeed against Uruguay, Ghana and Portugal in Group H.

Aside from his son’s desire to recover from his injury, launch the Asian national team in the group stage and make the country proud, this time around the team captain is likely to have an extra motivation – the memory of the man who helped him achieve his best result. the physical shape of his career.

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Son’s relationship with Gian Piero Ventrone

Gian Piero Ventron joined Son’s club Tottenham Hotspur in November 2021 as head coach Antonio Conte took charge of the North London team.

The Italian fitness expert who helped Juventus – including then-midfielder Conte – to the European Champions League title before joining Italy for the 2006 World Cup, quickly managed to spark a shift in players’ athleticism.

Tottenham are no longer the English Premier League team that has covered the shortest average distance in a game under the previous manager Nuno Espirito Santoto the top of the distance table in the first weeks of the 2022/23 season.

Despite subjecting the superstars to grueling sessions, including 30-degree temperatures on a pre-season tour of Seoul, the riders still spoke of their admiration for Ventrone.

“His English is not perfect, sometimes he comes with his phone and translates from Italian to English. It means a lot. Not when it comes to football, I think life, it gives me so much advice, which I’m really grateful for,” the son of the Rio 2016 Olympian told the media in September 2022. “He was very helpful, always hugging me tight. in difficult and even great moments, he was always by my side and all the staff.”

Three weeks later, Tottenham announced that Ventrone was dead. It was a huge shock. The 62-year-old was diagnosed with leukemia a few weeks earlier.

The world has lost a truly special person,” Son wrote on your Instagram account in tribute to Ventrone after the death of the Italian.

“Gian Piero, you helped me through the hardest times and we celebrated amazing memories together. I cannot express in words my gratitude and how much I owe you. We will miss you very, very much. Thank you for everything my friend. I am sending all my love to you and all your family.

“He was there for me in the hard times, in the good times,” Son later said at the post-match press conference.

“He always kept me on the level and we had a really good relationship. It’s not for other people, it’s really special to me. It just hurts to talk about him.

Son’s fitness

While Son struggled for goals at the start of the 2022/23 campaign, he never gave up. The striker reacted perfectly to being left out of the starting line-up against Leicester City on 17 September 2022. He came on as a substitute and scored a hat-trick in a 6-2 win over Tottenham. All three unique in their own way. And then Son sought out the man who helped make it possible by squeezing Gian Piero Ventrone tightly on the touchline.

Secrets of fitness training and Son’s features

A key aspect of Ventrone’s approach was its focus on player well-being.

“I have three rules. First: avoid injury during training. Second: limit the number of muscle injuries during games. Thirdly: ensure sports results at a high level” – coach together with the Italian Gazzetta dello Sport in what turned out to be his last interview, a week before his death.

“We are moving towards individual work, guided by the parameters resulting from the biotype and previous experience of the competitor.

“Instead of buffing the players, we focus on their balance so that the machine is always ready.

He also mentioned Son Heung-Min and his attributes.

“The son has a large quadriceps, there is no point in developing it further. His best feature is speed. Again, we want to improve the balance of his machine more than strength.”

The seven multiple Asian Footballers of the Year are hoping for magical moments for their national team in Qatar 2022, perhaps even a goal similar to the one that earned him the 2020 Puskas Award for best goal scored on the planet this season.

The time to deliver the glory is now.

Achieving full fitness and challenging at this World Championship may be the ultimate tribute to the fitness trainer who helped him become successful again.

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