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ISF Executive Committee held in Rabat, Morocco from June 29 to July 1, 2022.

ISF 2022-2026 Executive Committee

The members of the ISF Executive Committee gathered to introduce achievements and future plans for the development of school sports and ISF.

On the first day of the ISF Executive Meeting in the Moroccan capital of Rabat, ISF President Laurent Petrynka, ISF Secretary General/CEO Hrvoje Custonja, ISF Sports Director Josip Košuti? and three ISF Vice Presidents Youssef Belqasmi, Antonio Hora Philho and Ailong Zhang along four continental presidents and 12 assessors.

The first period of the agenda was scheduled for reporting on behalf of the ISF, with a focus on activities, events and projects that had successfully occupied place in 2022 With ISF Gymnasiade in Normandy as a central element With events like this marked the largest event in ISF history, as well as the largest international school multisport event in the world.

ISF President Petrynka Welcoming EC ISF
ISF EC Rabat 2022 meeting

ISF vice presidents along with ISF continental presidents Mamadou Souleymane Kone, Jose Martinez Sanchez Tenorio, Niwat Limsuknirun and Zeljko Tanaskovic presented their reports followed by an open discussion between all members of the Executive Committee.

It was later agreed by unanimous decision that accommodation fee for ISF events would be raised from €50 to €60 per person per day, as needs and requirements from ISF events continued to increase.

The second part of the agenda of the first day focused on the reports and proposals of the Committee on ISF sports department who focused at an upcoming ISF event She is running – active girlsLead, which will take place this year on September 12-17, 2022 in Brussels, Belgium.

ISF Management Committee
ISF Continental Africa Kone
ISF Continental America Sanchez
ISF Asia Mainland Limsuknirun
ISF Europe Continental President Tanaskovic

The ISF Executive Committee also during its meeting welcomed and appointed new ISF committee chairp:

Mrs. Gao Fengli (PR China) from the Department of Health and Medical Care Committee

Mr. Mattias Metsaru (Estonia) for youth and athletes Committee

Mr. Jennings Rusty Buchanan (USA) for Marketing Committee

Mr. Youssef Belqasmi (Morocco), on behalf of the Committee on Development and Cooperation Committee

Mrs. Diane de Navacelle de Coubertin (France) from the Committee on Education and Heritage

Mr. Olivier Girault (France) from the Sports Committee

Mr. Roman Greba (Ukraine) on behalf of the Ethics and Law Committee

Mrs. Valerie Lebondo (Gabon) on behalf of the Gender Equality Committee

Mrs. Sophie Bordet (Peru) on behalf of the Integrity Committee

Dr. Sager Al Khalifa (Bahrain) for the Scientific Committee

Also by unanimous decision With the Executive CommitteeJosip Kosutic was reappointed down ISF Sports Director for the mandateperiod d for four years.

Following the appointment of the ISF Committee Chairmen, an open invitation was issued for members of these ISF Committees.

The final reports day were presented by the chair of the ISF Heritage and Education Committee, Coubertin, Diane de Navacelle de Coubertin, a new member of the ISF family, and Sophie Bordet, chair of the ISF Integrity Committee, who also proposed the reactivation of the School Sports Foundation.

The first day of the ISF Executive Committee ended with general plans for ISF EC meetings for this year the 2022 and 2023 calendars, taking place during upcoming ISF events starting with ISF She runs – running active girls in Belgium, ISF WSC Taekwondo in Mexico, Winter Gymnasiade in Türkiye, U15 Gymnasiade in Brazil and Summer Gymnasiade in Bahrain.

ISF Chair of the Coubertin Heritage and Education Committee, Diane de Navacelle de Coubertin
ISF Integrity Committee Chair Sophie Bordet
Youth and Athletes President Mattias Metsaru
ISF Sports Director Josip Kosutic

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