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ISF re-elected Chair of the Bureau of the Consultative Committee of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS) of the Council of Europe

CC - EPAS group photo

On June 13, the elections to renew the composition of the Council of Europe took place at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg Office of the Consultative Committee (CC) withenlarged Partial agreement on sport (EPAS) Council of Europe. The Consultative Committee currently consists of 29 organizations and for the first time there is a rapporteur on gender equality.

The ISF is committed to promoting and participating in EPAS programs with a particular focus on gender equality and the protection of children in sport. For ISF, the core values ??of the Council of Europe, “Democracy, Human Rights and the Rule of Law” are key to empowering the young generation.

For this reason, EPAS Executive Secretary Sophie Kwasny was also present at the ISF School Sport Forum at the ISF Gymnasiade in May this year in Deauville to speak about the importance of school sport in transmitting the values ??of the Council of Europe, while EPAS Deputy Executive Secretary Francine Raveney presented related programs with sports protection.

CC members provide that the challenges of the sports movement and specialized organizations are properly understood by EPAS members and that links and coordination between CC members and various EPAS bodies and components are being strengthenedd; that EPAS members benefit fully from the expertise of CC members and down set-up processes to ensure that the voice of the sporting movement is heard by EPAS members. The members of the Central Committee and the new office are engaged more effective promotion of the European Sport Charter, the projects and values ??of the Council of Europe (EPAS) in the sports movement.

The main tasks of the 29 members of the Consultative Committee are:

  • To formulate opinions and proposals on all matters relating to sport dealt with by the Council of Europe.

  • Contributing to the implementation of EPAS in terms of activities and new standards adopted and monitoring ministerial meetings; a report on activities involving EPAS partner organisations.
  • It appoints every two years a Bureau composed of 6 delegates from member organizations of the Consultative Committee to work with the EPAS Office between joint meetings.
  • Proposals for joint projects between NGOs, other relevant organizations and public authorities to be financed inter alia by voluntary contributions.
  • To prepare reports on current or sport-related matters to be presented at joint meetings of the Governing Board and the Consultative Committee.

CC - EPAS - office

The composition of the Presidium is as follows:

Chair: Kole Gjeloshaj, ISF

Vice-President: Mogens Kirkeby, ISCA

Members: Janez Sodrznik, TAFISA

Paulina Johanet, Peace and Sport

Charlotte Girard-Fabre, IFSO

Baiba Veisa, EFPM

Gender Equality Rapporteur: Emily Shaw, UEFA

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