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ISF She Runs – Leader of Lively Girls 2022 Official signing in Brussels

ISF She Runs - leader of active girls

On Monday, June 13, the official signing of the second edition of ISF She Runs – Active Girls’ Lead took place in Brussels, Belgium on September 12-17, 2022.

ISF President Laurent Petrynka met Brussels’ First Councilor for Climate and Sport, Benoit Hellings, to put pen to paper as we enter the final preparation period with less than 100 days left.

Laurent Petrynka & Benoit Hellings She does the signing

ISF President Laurent Petrynka: “We are extremely excited to have entered the final phase of preparations for the next edition of She Runs. After the great success of the kick-off event in 2019, we are proud to take the next step on this She Runs journey. Thanks to the commitment of the City of Brussels, alongside the key support of the Erasmus+ Sport program of the European Commission and the long-term partnership VinylPlus, we are ready to organize this event in the heart of Europe and once bringing together youth from all over the world again to experience this unique event.”

This international event for young women aged 12-18 will bring together 3,000 girls from over 35 countries to participate in sporting, educational, cultural, entrepreneurial and institutional activities. She Runs – Active Girls’ Lead aims to promote engagement in physical activity, leadership development and student empowerment throughout school sport, as well as drawing attention to the use of school sport as a gender equality tool when creating and developing a network of young female school leaders.

The event program will consist of five different main elements:

1. Cultural Treasure Hunt:
500 participants will be discover Brussels through a scavenger hunt, combining elements and perspectives from the city’s history, sport and symbolic women.

2. Run and Village:
2500 local schoolgirls and 500 international participants from around the world will run together to celebrate cross-cultural friendship and the health benefits of sport.

3. Conversation:

four Sportswomen and women Leaders will share their stories with 700 young women and provide them with the tools to enable them to make a difference in and through sport.

4. Design Sprint:

40 participants will be design and shape projects that promote girl leadership and fitness activity in their local community.

5. Conference:
200 leaders from international sports sectors, school networks, institutions, and city leaders, will attend a final conference on the role of school and sport in promoting gender equality and girls’ rights reinforcement. The Participants I will present for a conference on designthey were designed while Design an event sprint activity.

Runs the event page

She guides the participants

We are proud to organize this event in close cooperation with the City of Brussels, with the continued support of the Erasmus+ Sport program of the European Commission. This second edition of She Runs – Active Girls’ Lead will also be an opportunity to strengthen the partnership between ISF and VinylPlus, the sustainable development program for European PVC, through its Action for the Environment, set up ahead of the inaugural She Runs event in 2019. As part of our long-term partnership, ISF and Kinder Joy of Moving aim to further highlight the importance of engaging youth in physical activity in line with the “Joy of Movement” philosophy and therefore join this year’s edition of She Runs.

We invite everyone who wants to participate in this 2022 edition to continue to register via the ERAS platform, as with all ISF events. However, please note that unlike other ISF events, this registration process will only consist of two registration phases, with Phase 1 open from now until August 12 and Phase 2 open from August 12 to September 1. More information about the event can be found on the event website.

She runs the village
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