Just before the opening ceremony of the eagerly awaited Winter Olympics, Anti-North Korea protesters burn flags!

Protester tearing picture
Demonstrator tearing poster of North Korean PM before Winter Olympic

At Pyeongchang, South Korea, hundreds of anti-North Korean protesters caused confusion and disturbance giving tough time to the ‘riot police’ outside the Winter Olympics Stadium in South Korea on Friday.  This commotion was staged just few hours before the two North Korean senior officials were arriving at the Games’ inaugural ceremony venue.

The ‘riot police’ efficiently stopped the demonstrators who had set ablaze the portraits of North Korean dictator ruler Kim Jong Un during the protest.

A mob of 800 protested, yelled slogans and set fire to the flags and portraits of the leader, Kim Jong Un living a recluse life.  Marching towards the stadium, where the prestigious Olympic torch would be lit, the 800 protesters created chaos.  The lighting of the torch was symbolically to represent peace as envisioned by Seoul.

Always at logger heads with each other, North and South Korea are technically facing conflicts since 1950-53.  With an agreement to stop fighting for a certain time, the North Korea faces very strict and stringent international sanctions after it involved itself in the experiments with nuclear weapons and missile tests last year.


The protestors criticized the advances and attempts that the South Korean President Moon Jae-in is making to re-engage in the State’s nuclear and missile programme, making Olympics a thread to reconnect with the North Korea.

Some of the slogans on the banners read “Moon Regime is leading Korea to destruction” and some banners appealed “Mr. President, North Korea bombing, please’ addressing to the US President Donald Trump.

North Korean leader’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, the ceremonial head of state will be witnessing the inaugural ceremony on Friday night.  She is the very first North Korean ruling family member to visit the South.  She will acknowledge the teams from North and South Korea marching behind a unified flag.