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Learn its rules and rules of the sport

Learn its rules and rules of the game

There are several sports involving bats and balls, with cricket and baseball is the most popular of them.

However, there are several variations of ball-bat around the world. The yoga de taco or beta-ombro is one such variety that has become popular on the streets of Brazil.

Also known as betting, taco and bye for years in Portuguese, bete-ombro is a game of stick and ball, originating from the streets Brazil. In English, it loosely means bet-shoulder.

Similar to cricket, jogo de taco is played by two teams, with one team hitting the ball with a wooden stick and the other team using the sides.

There are many other similarities between cricket and taco but there are also many distinctive features.

Yogo de taco equipment

Cricket bats are thick and heavy, flat on one side and curved on the other taco – bat in Portuguese – is a simple wooden stick about 2.5 feet high, four inches wide and only a few inches thick.

Stumps, the so-called casinos, is basically three sticks six inches high that are arranged vertically in a cone shape so that they support each other. Two pairs of stumps are separated by about 20 meters. Since then, these stumps have been called “houses”. casino means small house in Portuguese. Children playing in the streets often use a bottle or can to replace stumps.

There is a ball (hurts)made of rubber, more like a tennis ball than the cork and leather ball used in cricket.

How to play jogo de taco

To decide which bat or field first, the bat is soaked on one side and left to dry on the other. The willow is then thrown up and the team that correctly determines which side the bat will land on decides whether to bat or land.

The pair that decides to hit first will take position in front of the stumps on either side, while the outfield duo will stand behind the stumps and throw the ball towards the batter on the other side.

There is no sequence or supersystem in jogo de taco. Whichever fielding team player has the ball becomes the bowler. The second player from the fielding team automatically becomes the goaltender.

Yogo de taco rules

As in cricket or baseball, the goal of the batting side is to hit the ball and run to the other end to score.

After hitting the ball, the batting side must touch their bats while running between the goals. If the bats do not touch, the run is not counted. Each successful run counts as one point.

Unlike cricket, jogo de taco has no boundaries, but players can make as many runs as possible after hitting the ball as long as they don’t get out.

A small circle two feet in diameter marked on the ground just in front of the stumps marks the rebound crease in jogo de taco or bete-ombro and is central to the mechanics of the game.

To be safe, the batter must keep the bat inside this circle at all times. If the bat is out of the circle, the fielding team can overtake it by hitting the ball on the stumps, similar to runs or taps in cricket.

Unlike in cricket, having any part of your body inside the circle doesn’t count, it has to be the bat.

In addition to being exhausted or embarrassing, batters can also be knocked off by throwing or catching. As with three-stroke baseball, if the batter misses the ball three times in a row, he or she is eliminated.

When a player is out, the roles are switched and the field team takes the baton.

This sport is mainly played by children on the streets of Brazil and has a set of official rules. Games generally continue until either team reaches a certain number of points, usually 10.

Furthermore, the game may also end if the fielding team catches the batter’s direct hit before the ball hits the ground. The fielding team is declared the winner regardless of the number of points scored at that point.

AND World Cup e Betting The Betting World Cup (jogo de taco World Cup) was held in six cities in Brazil in 2016.

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