Ministry recoganised Kudo

Sports ministry recoganised Kudo martial art as a sport. Other than Kudo, the possibility is that three more federations will be announced soon. The general elections date are expected anytime, may be announced the Chief Election Commission in the next few days. As soon as the announcement is made no one can make any government decisions due to election code of conduct. The three new games that are expected to be recognized include Grappling, Throwball, and a martial art sport.

Akshay Kumar is patron

Film star Akshay Kumar is a different personality. He is also known for doing his stunts himself in his films. He himself is a karate black belt, and his love of martial art is well known. Kudo is also a martial art, and Akshay Kumar is patronising the sport. Akshay Kumar himself is the Chairman of Kudo International Federation of India.

Provisional recognition

According to our sources, Akshay Kumar is going to campaign for the Bhartiya Janta Party in the coming general elections. On seeing the right opportunity, Akshay Kumar got the approval of Kudo by using his sources in BJP. Kudo has been given provisional recognition, for which he will not get any government assistance. If the Kudo Federation adhere to the National Code of Conduct rules and provides all information on their website, then they will also get government help from the year 2020. Kudo is neither an Olympic sport nor an indigenous sport, so for this reason, it has been kept in the list of “Other Sports” category.

Founded by Mehul Vora

Kudo’s international headquarters is in Japan. And in India, Kudo is founded by Mehul Vora. He is President of Kudo International Federation of India. Actor Akshay Kumar is the Chairman of Kudo Federation of India. Talking to Khelo India News, President Mehul Vora said that this has been a very difficult process, we have been working in this direction for the last several years. To complete this process, the government has to give a lot of documentation. We have to abide by all the rules and regulations and finally we succeeded.

# Ministry recoganised Kudo