Home Olympics Nathan Chen appeared in Elton John’s Britney Spears music video

Nathan Chen appeared in Elton John’s Britney Spears music video

Nathan Chen appeared in Elton John's Britney Spears music video

Beijing 2022 Olympic champion figure skater Nathan Chen once again skating to the music of Elton John.

The gold medal winner used the music legend’s “Rocket Man” on his way to gold at the Beijing Olympics earlier this year. Now, Chen appears in the music video for an acoustic version of Elton John and Britney Spears’ cover of the classic “Tiny Dancer”.

This is not Chen’s first clash with Elton John – after his Olympic triumph, Chen received a congratulatory tweet from the musician.

“Congratulations Nathan Chen for winning the gold medal in ‘Rocket Man’ in Beijing” it was easy to read

“I don’t really use social media right now, so my agent sent me a message with an Elton John tweet, and to think he even knows I exist is just crazy,” Chen told Olympics.com at the time. “Sir Elton John?! It is wonderful.”

In April, Elton John hailed Chen at a concert in North Carolina that Chen attended.

“[‘Rocket Man’] took on a new meaning when I watched this year’s Winter Olympics, because professionalism, athleticism … simply amazing. I was so honored that he chose my song,” said the superstar musician.

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