Only China signed MOU, not ARSF

It is not ARSF but only China Rope Skipping Association signed the MOU to form Asia Pacific Jump Rope Union along with a few Asian Jump Rope members. In a reply, Michael Chan said he was present there on behalf of China Rope Skipping Association and not on behalf of Asian Rope Skipping Federation. Our sources confirmed that Asian Rope Skipping Federation was not aware of the move and was not even consulted, it is the independent decision of Chinese Association.

It is very important to mention that two years back too, World Jump Rope Federation-President tried to convince CRSA to join WJRF. Only Michael Chan, CRSA board and then ARSF President Harpal Singh Flora know about it with whom Michael Chan consulted. That time CRSA refused to join stating they have decided to continue under International Rope Skipping Federation only. But suddenly an unrevealed reason persuaded him to do so. This encounters a series of instigating questions, being ARSF president, Michael Chan should have discussed the matter with ARSF board.

This astonishing decision of Michael Chan engrossed anxious minds. The ARSF member countries are in a great dilemma.

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