Home Sports IOF organizes Orienteering sport workshop for India

IOF organizes Orienteering sport workshop for India

Orienteering sport workshop for India

On Wednesday evening, 23 February 2022, an online first workshop of Orienteering Sport was organized today in which over 60 teachers, professors and sports directors from 16 states took part.

The Global Development Commission of the International Orienteering Federation organized the workshop on the request of Dev Balhara a Fit India Ambassador under the Fit India movement an initiative of Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India.

The Secretary General of the International Orienteering Federation, Sondre Sande Gullord himself, was present in the workshop.

Sondre said that I am happy that there is enthusiasm for Orienteering sport in India. He said that I hope that in the coming days this game will be played in every corner of India, every university and even in every school. IOF will provide every possible technical support require promoting the sport in India.


Jaroslav Kacmarcik Member, Global Development Commission for International Orienteering Federation, from Sweden and Giulia Zenere, Project Manager, Park World Tour Academy (PWT) from Italy gave basic and introductory training to all the participants on day one. This workshop, to be held every Wednesday, will continue for a further 5 weeks.

What is Orienteering Sport:

Foot orienteering is an endurance sport which involves a huge mental element. There is no marked route – the orienteer must navigate with map and compass while running.

The map gives detailed information on the terrain such as hills, ground surface, obstacles etc. To be successful in foot orienteering, the athlete needs excellent map reading skills, absolute concentration and the ability to make quick decisions on the best route while running at high speed.

Orienteers run over rough ground, completely unprepared forest terrain or rough open hills – cross country in the true sense of the word. Therefore, considerable body strength and agility is needed. Fitness similar to that of a 3000m steeplechase or marathon runner is required.

There is a wide variety of orienteering events: individual competitions and relays, ultra-short park races and mountain marathon events. Night orienteering with the aid of a head lamp is also a popular form of orienteering.

Every year, the best foot orienteers in the world fight for the World Champion titles and the World Cup victory.

There are three other MTB, Trail and Ski orienteering are other popular events of Orienteering sport.

Foot orienteering became a recognised Olympic sport in 1977.

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