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“Physical Education (PE) and School Sport: A Creative Approach to Human Rights and Democracy”

ISF participates in the webinar

SFA News: ISF Secretary General / Director General Hrvoje Custonja will participate in the Virtual Webinar of the EPAS (Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport) Consultative Committee discussing the importance of school sports and physical education.
The upcoming webinar will take place virtually on February 21, 2022, with a welcome speech by the Head of the Sport Department of the Council of Europe, Sophie Kwasny, during which five speakers will address the challenges and opportunities of school sport, regarding its impact on the promotion of human rights, sporting values, concepts for development and promotion, all the following examples and different approaches to problems.
ISF Secretary General / Director General Hrvoje Custonja will present the opportunities and challenges of school sport in promoting human rights from an international perspective, starting at 15:25
The ISF always contributes to the physical, social and intellectual development of youth, bearing in mind sports values ??such as mutual understanding, peace and tolerance. With the vision that sport can break down all cultural, religious and ideological barriers, goals were easily created; to empower young people, educate them and provide platforms where they can practice different sports – sporting events. School sports are the best and cheapest solution to the problem of children’s physical activity, but in general, future development. Sport involved people at a higher level. A child’s development, both physical and social, begins at school. Well-placed physical education teachers could play a major role in children’s development and understanding of human rights and in promoting them through sport, more specifically school sport. The ISF is here to provide them with extra activities and sporting events.
The purpose of this webinar is to discuss the importance of school sport and physical education as a tool to promote human rights and democracy. Another topic to be discussed is how physical education teachers and coaches can implement a values-based approach to sports physical education training.
School sport and physical education (PE) are important for educating future generations in the spirit of the fundamental values ??promoted by the Council of Europe – human rights, democracy and the rule of law, including Fair play, and educating young people on how to respect the rules and ensuring equal opportunities for all in practicing sport .
In addition to Mr. Custonja, speakers will include representatives and experts from the Council of Europe, national institutions and organized sports academies, as senior project specialist at the Council of Europe Michael Trinker, member of the national team for interventions in case of psychological crisis and injuries Ana Znidarec, associate professor, University of Foro Italico Catarina Pesce, member of the European Physical Education Association Rose-Marie Respond and Martin Holzweg, and project manager at the Council of Europe, Elena Casero, all explore the following questions:
? What is the uniqueness of sport as a tool to promote human rights and democracy?
? What are good practices for promoting positive values ??and inclusion in sport for young people?
? In what environments do socially engaged sports projects take place?
? How can PE teachers and sports coaches plan and implement values-based PE lessons and sports training?
…and many more on key success factors for physical education and sports training projects that promote human rights and democratic values.

The webinar will be moderated by Louis Moustakas, member of the EPAS Consultative Committee Bureau and Secretary General of the European Network for Sport Education. The opening itself at 3 pm began with a speech by the Chairman of the EOAS Consultative Committee, Deputy Secretary General of ISF Kolë Gjeloshaj and a welcome speech by Sophie Kwasny, Head of the Sports Department of the Council of Europe.
Join the webinar from Monday, February 21, 2022 – from 15:00 to 17:00 via the Blue Jeans event, video conference, by clicking on the link: —————
More information about the webinar and speakers can be found at: ——–

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