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Rhine-Ruhr 2025 can be a special spectacle – FISU ITC

Rhine-Ruhr 2025 will be a special spectacle - FISU ITC

November 18, 2022 | at the FISU Summer University World Games

Rhine-Ruhr 2025 will be a special spectacle – FISU ITC

FISU Delegates Jing Zhao, Director of the Summer Games (fourth from right); Brian Carrer, Summer Games Events Manager; Andrea Uccello and Joshua Miethke, Summer Games assistants, together with Rhine-Ruhr 2025 COO Alexis Schäfer (right) and representatives from Düsseldorf Airport.The FISU International Technical Committee (ITC) completed the final round of inspections of the remaining seven venues of the 2025 FISU Rhine-Ruhr World University Games on Friday and confirmed the readiness of the hosts.

During a four-day visit on November 14-17, the delegates visited the athletics facility in Bochum; facilities for archery, swimming and table tennis in Düsseldorf and an arena for fencing, judo and taekwondo in Essen.

Tom Baster, Chairman of the FISU Technical Committee (TCC) Swimming, was highly praised after his visit to Messe Düsseldorf – Hall 8a and Rheinbad.

“I am happy to be here in Düsseldorf and see the spectacular venues. There is a great warm up pool, looks like it will be a fantastic swimming arena. It’s exciting to come back here looking at these venues and the preparations for the 2025 FISU World University Games. It promises to be an exciting competition,” said Baster, who added that he was “impressed” by the standards set by the Local Organizing Committee.


“I would like to thank everyone who helped us with our site visits. We will continue to work together to create an exceptional experience for athletes. The FISU Rhine-Ruhr 2025 World University Games promises to be a unique spectacle,” he added.

Andrzej Hrehorowicz, TCC Table Tennis, said after the meeting in Duisburg: “It was my first time in Düsseldorf, but I have already met some nice people who are to host the unique FISU World University Games in 2025. After visiting the beautiful Messe Düsseldorf venue for table tennis competitions, I believe it is an excellent choice for our competition.”

“And now we are preparing the field for the competition, so far we have not encountered any problems, and even if we do, I am confident that we can solve them. I would like to thank the Local Organizing Committee for supporting us during the inspection and I am convinced that it will be a very nice event – added Hrehorowicz.

Rhine-Ruhr 2025 CEO Stefan Kürten believes that FISU ITC’s feedback has been overwhelming and relevant.

“I’d say we’ve passed the first hurdle, and that’s impressive too. All the feedback received from FISU ITC and TCC visits will help us continue to improve and direct our energies in the right direction. We will continue to work closely with FISU on the agreed parameters. Our only goal is to provide athletes with the most supportive environment possible and make this event more entertaining for spectators,” he said.

FISU delegates included Jing Zhao, director of the Summer Games; Brian Carrer, Summer Games Events Manager; Andrea Uccello, Summer Games Assistant and Joshua Miethke, Summer Games Assistant. Chairman of the Technical Committee (TCC) composed of: Thomas Aubert (archery), Vadim Nigmatov (athletics), Julius Kralik (fencing), Patrik Drid (judo), Russell Ahn (taekwondo), Tom Baster (swimming), Andrzej Hrehorowicz (table tennis ). Chunde Shen (Athletics) and Sergey Tabakov (Judo) joined virtually.

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