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School sport within the Czech Republic: Asociace školních sportovních klub?

School sport in the Czech Republic: Asociace školních sportovních klub?

“We believe that school sport should be about having fun together. “The motto of the Association of School Sports Clubs of the Czech Republic is guided by the principle of enjoyable and inclusive sport.

This year, AŠSK ?R (Asociace školních sportovních klub?) hosted the World School Volleyball Championship, an international competition for young players aged 15-18. The Association stuck to its vision of organizing events in such a way that the whole school and its youth were involved in the process: from competition to helping to organize and, most importantly, learning from it.

Youth are also included in all media and activities related to the Opening Ceremony, such as anthem performances, reports, interviews, etc. They encourage students to cheer and support each other regardless of their school.


“We believe that school sport is the cornerstone that determines a child’s future approach to sport, and by doing all of this, we want to bring back fun to schools and give school sport a better image.”

AŠSK ?R’s strategy to further develop school sports is to focus on engaging students in sports throughout the school period. They organize various sports competitions for young people in different age categories.

The aim is to focus more on harmonizing the general program of selected national competitions: all events sponsored by a sports celebrity who will motivate youngsters, all with similar opening ceremonies and broadcast on Czech national sports TV, etc.

Through unification and quality improvement, AŠSK ?R wants to give school sports activities a more prestigious profile.

In addition, they want to focus on better serving school sports coaches and physical education teachers, e.g. by providing simple tips for varied and fun activities with children (e.g. .

With the upcoming school year, AŠSK ?R is planning to start a new project – the School Sports League of Primary and Secondary Schools.

They are already organizing the School Sports League for secondary schools – the project ends every school year with the final national championships in 7 sports disciplines (floorball, handball, basketball, volleyball, mini-football, athletics and swimming). Each of the national championships is organized in a similar way and is supposed to approach the level of senior competitions. The event is broadcast by national Czech sports television and commentated by professional reporters and sports experts. Each competition also has a sports ambassador who is present during the competition to support and interact with the youth.

Every school year, over 150,000 students participate in the School Sports Leagues of upper secondary schools. kids. The plan of AŠSK ?R is to include this high-quality project in other age categories – for children in primary schools and students in secondary schools.

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