Chairman and Secretary UNESCO TSG


Shammi Rana has been appointed as Rapporteur of UNESCO Traditional Sports and Games by UNESCO TSG office at Paris. He is Secretary General of Asian Belt wrestling. Mr. Rana is an Indian living in Busan, South Korea.

Mr. Shammi Rana is into sports at National and International level for last 20 years, good in public relations and knowledge of international sports politics. Using his personnel connections worldwide he is travelling around the world to build up the TSG group. UNESCO TSG is working to preserve traditional culture traditional sports.


UNESCO has designated the TSGs (Traditional Sports & Games) as intangible heritage. United Nations has given this responsibility to UNESCO to coordinate the international cooperation in education, science, culture and communication.

Mr. Rana had a lot of meetings recently with international dignitaries and officials of many sports federations, e.g. United States, Italy, India and Kazakhstan. So many positive plannings has been done for UNESCO TSGs inclusion and participation. Mr. Rana, who is also the General Secretary of the Asian Belt Wrestling Federation, the Official Governing Body of Sports Belt Wrestling in Asia, stated that we are looking forward to establish five new member countries India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, South Korea, and Bangladesh. These countries will be motivated to participate in UNESCO’s upcoming TSG events in Brazil and Russia.

Mr Rana also honoured for his dedication by appointing him as member of Interim Coordination Committee of TSG in PAN America to promote Traditional Sports and Games in PAN America.

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