Shammi Rana nominated for USA award

Shammi Rana nominated for USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Award 2018. The award function is going to be held on May 19th, 2018 at Double Tree Hilton Los Angles California, the USA. Shammi Rana is nominated by Hari Osias Banaag President Global Sikran Federation. Rana is nominated for this award due to his contribution towards martial arts and Traditional Sports worldwide.

A definitive case of somebody who has made his warmth and wants his calling – Shammi Rana advancing abilities is very much aware of and has earned him an arrangement as Rapporteur of the Adhoc Advisory Committee UNESCO Traditional Sports and Games (TSG). Rana’s arrangement is a noteworthy overthrow by UNESCO since he conveys a critical ordeal to his new part, As a veteran extremist of game exercises with years of experience over his experience as a competitor and a mentor.

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Rana is acclaimed internationally as a Public Relations Expert and Promoter of Martial Arts Organizations, his impact and energy can’t be belittled. Because of his limited time exercises, Belt Wrestling picked up considerably in World Martial Arts Mastership Championship and in the United Nations’ Scientific, Educational, Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) conventional games, and recreations occasions and will contend in forthcoming diversions in Turkey and Kazakhstan.
He is entrusted by UNESCO with advancing its main goal – The mission that encapsulates UNESCO. The points of UNESCO Clubs are those of the Organization itself, as announced in its Constitution: “to add to peace and security by advancing joint effort among the countries through instruction, science and culture keeping in mind the end goal to assist all inclusive regard for equity, for the control of law and for the human rights and basic flexibilities which are attested for the people groups of the world, without qualification of race, sex, dialect or religion, by the Charter of the United Nations.”
Mr. Rana fits flawlessly into UNESCO mission, his advancing abilities is without a doubt an immense resource for the association. He manages desires is going to global wearing occasions far and wide, meeting with different worldwide dignitaries and heads of games relationship in nations like Italy, United States to examine UNESCO TSG incorporation and cooperation.
Shammi RanaShammi Rana is a real persevering authority – and upheld numerous Traditional Organization to be a part of UNESCO TSG, which is very shown by his great work alongside TSG Committee Chairman Khalil Khan, as of late stood out as truly newsworthy having been welcomed by H.E. Bilal Erdogan, President World Ethnosport Confederation to the discussion for the recovery of conventional games held in Antalya, Turkey February 2018, where Chairman Khan conveyed a blending introduction. Games like Martial workmanship and Belt Wrestling as increasing gigantic acknowledgment all through the organization because of master advancement abilities is Shammi Rana.
He has additionally been designated as an individual from Interim Coordination Committee of TSG in PAN America to advance Traditional Sports and Games in PAN America and Shammi Rana works intimately with Wendel in an offer to make Pan American customary wrestling association, the association – whose capacity will be to defend, create and most advance the conventional wrestling styles in America.

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