Snowboarding legend Shaun White talks in regards to the China Olympics, skateboarding and inspiration from girlfriend Nina Dobrev

At the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Shaun White may become the oldest U.S. Olympic half-pipe player ever. At 35, he’ll be in for his fifth Olympian – if he qualifies.

In the snow, White’s performance was remarkable. He is a three-time Olympic gold medalist. But the motivation to stay on top remains.

“Will this be my last Games? I don’t know,” White said at a press conference.

“I always say it could be because of how I feel, and then … I’m like, ‘God, I feel pretty good.’ I’m motivated, I’m excited.

“And then, boom, I’m at the next Olympics, so I wouldn’t count down the next one after that.”

Snowboarding: Is Shaun White retired?

Shaun White has been competing since he was a teenager. But his commitment to snowboarding saw him return to the Olympics many times.

After the disappointment in Sochi 2014, where he did not return with any medal, he secured an emotional third gold in Pyeongchang 2018

“I think the last Olympic run was mental for me, it was really mental because meAt the previous Olympics in Sochi, I lost [an] Edge that I had… I think finding it again was a very emotional and hard journey. I was very proud of that performance and have been able to carry on with that mindset ever since.

After a knee injury ruled him out of the X Games in Aspen in early 2021, White is realistic about what to expect from his body,

“The body definitely gives me little signs here and there that age is a factor at times. And I will probably do fewer training days than others…

“I had a really serious accident a few days ago and I remember [used to] Bounce back and feel great… But now I may need a few days rest before I go back there.

Shaun White on stillness and the pandemic

Shaun White and his girlfriend Nina Dobrev they publicly announced they were dating in early 2020. They spent a lot of time together when the pandemic started. This period marked the beginning of a certain introspection in his life.

“When you’re pulled out and forced out of this chaos of everyday life, responsibilities and plans… you’re stuck. And, God, I really appreciated that lesson.

“Social media is pretty brutal because you have a rotating window of what all your friends and family have [are] they do in everyday life. And it’s hard to see that rotating window of life passing you by a bit when you’re in training mode and don’t want that distraction.

Shaun White and girlfriend Nina Dobrev are snowboarding

White also spent time getting to know his “inspirational” new girlfriend. Nina Dobrev is an actress best known for her role in The Vampire Diaries.

“Nina is amazing. What an impact on my life!” he continued.

“I think with age and time and recent world events, it just means a lot to me. So having [family and friend] support and knowing they are there for me… win, lose or draw, that’s all.”

Shaun White: “Snowboarding is my life’s work”

This is another opportunity for Shaun White. He may still be competing in Milano Cortina 2026, but for now, the Olympic Games in China remain the focus.

“This is my life’s work. And I’m very proud to still be able to compete at a high level and I’m going to give it my all for this Olympics like every time and see where the chips fall.”

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