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Sport and Gender Equality” with IOC Young Leaders and Amy Purdy

Listen Now: New 'We Have a Goal' podcast series with IOC young leaders hosted by Paralympian Amy Purdy

“Employed women empower women” – Amy Purdy in the first episode of the new podcast series “We Have a Goal”

The first episode of the We Have A Purpose series focuses on gender equality.

Coming from the typically male-dominated sport of snowboarding, Purdy shares how feeling supported helped her grow: “Employed women empower women,” she said.

Purdy joins first episode by three inspiring IOC Young Leaders: Aneta Grabmüller, Jemima Montag, and Adriana Escobar, sharing how they work on gender balance in sport, on and off the field.

Aneta Grabmüllerová is a professional triathlete and PhD student from the Czech Republic. When Aneta was 15, an inappropriate comment by her coach about her weight led to seven years of eating disorders, which eventually forced her to take a five-year break from sports.

As part of the IOC Young Leaders project, Aneta created a digital platform providing information on eating disorders for athletes, parents and coaches. Users also have access to nutritionists and psychologists if they need further advice.

“Ultimately, I want to create workshops and organize training camps for these young girls so that I can educate them and I hope to prevent this problem in the future,” she said.

Aneta believes that the stereotypical media message about the players is also partly to blame.

“The coverage women get is still very limited. When we get relationships, they are often stereotyped or sexualized. This creates a very wrong picture of what women are doing in sports. We young girls need role models. As I grew up doing triathlon, I wished there was a more diverse national team,” she continued.

“While there is still a lot of toxic culture out there, we now have more choice on social media. It’s up to you who you emulate, and there are so many great role models.”

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