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TAFISA is hosting the sixteenth Partner Meeting of the “Europe in Motion” project.


On Wednesday, August 3, TAFISA hosted the 16th Partner Meeting of the Europe in Action project, in which all nine organizations participated. The partners met practically every eight weeks, which was a decisive moment to discuss the different work packages and the development of the project’s results.

The meeting provided an exciting opportunity to discuss the progress of the project so far and set key milestones for the remainder of this year. Partners were briefed on the progress of the Capacity Building Platform. The platform will include thirteen non-formal learning modules along with a database of good practice and key European policies and will be launched at the Final Conference in Lisbon. As such, it was announced that of the 13 modules, “Gender Equity” will be piloted virtually by TAFISA in early September. The pilot aims to bring together participants from different EU regions, Member States, professional backgrounds and sectors – in particular targeting stakeholders from different levels and areas of interest to support the creation of cross-sectoral cooperation and alliances in European and national sport for all policy supply. Watch this space to find out how you can participate in piloting modules!

Then the program of the Final Conference was discussed. Scheduled for October 18, the Final Conference will be a platform for sharing project results and engaging policy makers, policy makers and practitioners in developing project recommendations. It will also be an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences on how we can more effectively promote Sport for All, and it will also allow all stakeholders to take action at local, national and international levels. Stay tuned as the full program will be posted soon. You can pre-register now here.

Visit the project website for more information on Europe in Action and stay up to date with updates – http://www.europe-in-action.org/

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