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The 2nd TAFISA European Sport for All Games opens with fanfare in Perugia, Italy



Perugia and the Umbria region are bustling with life 2. TAFISA European Sport for All Games have just started in the heart of an Italian city. More than 40 sports from 20 countries are represented by teams demonstrating their traditional sports and games in Perugia, as well as in the cities of Acquasparta, Toldi and Gualda Tadino, offering an international display of cultural diversity.

Saturday 24 September began with the delegations going to the Santa Giuliana Stadium and to the historic center of Perugia, where they performed and introduced their traditional sports and games to curious passers-by.


From Polish Pier?cieniĆ³wka (“ringnetball”) to traditional Celtic sports, tug of war, field archery and Hungarian whip shooting, among many others, locals and tourists have had a unique opportunity to practice sports and games from all over Europe and learn about the cultures and traditions of other countries.

While performances and demonstrations took place in the streets, the nearby Sala Ex Borsa Merci in Centro Galeazzi hosted a unique exhibition showcasing the Olympic torches throughout history, organized by CONI, CONI Umbria and FIGeST, with the support of Perugia Mayor Andrea Romizi and Councilor Clara Pastorelli.


The day ended with the Opening Ceremony of the Games at Palasport Pellini, where the delegations were summoned one by one to the sound of a live orchestra.

FIGeST President Enzo Casadidio stated: “Traditional sports and games represent real being together, a great chance to meet and stay together in one of the best ways.”

TAFISA Chairman Wolfgang Baumann thanked FIGeST for organizing the Games and expressed gratitude to CONI, the European Union and the City of Perugia for their support, as well as to the delegations for coming to Italy to share their traditions and cultures. He confirmed that “traditional sports and games are very much alive, that’s the message today!”.

The evening ended with the Orchestra’s performance of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy as a symbol of European unity and peace, followed by the Italian anthem.

The historic center of Perugia and the Perugia Stadium welcomed the delegations again on Sunday 25 May, where they could further spread the joy of playing their traditional sports and games to local and international audiences. Over the next few days, the cities of Acquasparta, Toldi and Gualda Tadino will become the stage where the bands will share their culture with more of the region’s inhabitants.

For more information, visit the website: http://www.eufesttsg.eu

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