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The International Pilates Heritage Congress takes place in Mönchengladbach


The Pilates Heritage Congress took place on September 1-4 in Mönchengladbach, Germany.

Kathy Corey, president of the World Pilates Confederation (WPC), a member organization of TAFISA, warmly welcomed and appreciated the presence of 131 outstanding trainers from 36 countries.

She said: “Pilates instructors from different countries participated in them to improve their technical and theoretical skills.
Specialized classes on the Pilates machine challenged the trainers both scientifically and practically.

Lolita San Miguel, who is one of the pioneers of Pilates, was also present at the congress and was invited as a member of the WPC Board of Directors.

Reiner Grootenhuis and several other trainers were invited to the WPC Board of Directors.

Grootenhuis announced that through WPC Vice President Iman Mottaghiannejada, WPC applied for and was accepted as a member of TAFISA.
He praised Mottaghiannejada for his valuable support to the Pilates community.

On September 1, Mottaghiannejad met with TAFISA President Wolfgang Baumann at TAFISA Headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, where TAFISA reaffirmed its support for its WPC member organization.

WPC Vice-President Iman Mottaghiannejad and TAFISA President Wolfgang Baumann met on September 1
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