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The ninth TAFISA World Sport for All Games can be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 2028!


In 2028, Riyadh will welcome 1,000 Sport for All amateurs from 100 countries and 70,000 participants and guests of the 9th TAFISA World Sports for All Games! TAFISA and Saudi Sports for All are proud to announce that the 9th TAFISA World Sport for All Games 2028 will be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, following the selection of Saudi Sports for All (SFA) as host by the TAFISA General Assembly. It will be the first event of this type in the MENA region.

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Organized every 4 years, TAFISA World Sport for All Games celebrates both traditional sports and games as well as new sports, contributing to their protection, promotion and development. For a week, delegations of amateurs, volunteers and international sports organizations will present their sports and disciplines through shows and performances, while engaging the audience to have fun and be part of the event. The TAFISA Games in Riyadh will welcome more than 1,000 members of the delegation from 100 countries along with 70,000 participants and guests in a spectacular show of colors, dance, sports, culture, peace, friendship and fun.

Signing ceremony

The agreement was signed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on March 13, 2023 in the presence of

  • Mr. Wolfgang Baumann, president of TAFISA
  • HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed, President of the Saudi Sports for All Federation
  • JE Bader AlKadi, Deputy Minister of Sport of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
  • HE Fahd Al-Rasheed, Director-General of the Royal Commission of the City of Riyadh

Building a lasting legacy

© Royal Commission of the City of Riyadh

The 9th TAFISA World Sports for All Games in Riyadh are in line with the principles of the TAFISA 2030 Mission “For a better world through sport for all”, Vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030and Saudi Sports for All Federation strategy increasing physical activity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Riyadh’s existing facilities and open spaces will welcome the event and further encourage citizens to use them long-term for their daily sports for all and physical activity needs. The host will develop a sustainability strategy to ensure that the TAFISA Games are environmentally friendly.

Beyond the event itself, the TAFISA Games are fully embedded in the long-term strategic partnership between TAFISA and the Saudi Sports for All Federation to create a better world and increase participation in sports for all and physical activity in the Kingdom. This partnership has developed over the years through various joint initiatives, in particular:

  • Certified Sport Leadership for All courses organized by the SFA to build the capacity of approximately 80 men and women each year, developing a volunteer base and Sport Professionals for all who will contribute to the success of the event and support the Kingdom’s efforts to promote sport for All well After TAFISA Games.
  • Made to Play Coaching Girls Guide and Made to Play Hijab Playbook, which enabled coaches to better adapt to the needs of girls and women and increase their opportunities for physical activity, ultimately increasing their participation.
  • Active City Capacity Building workshop co-organized with the Royal Riyadh City Commission (RCRC), paving the way for Riyadh to establish an Active City strategy in line with international standards.

The TAFISA Games are the culmination of this strategic collaboration and are intended to bring various benefits to the local population. By welcoming participants from all over the world, the event will create economic opportunities through tourism and related industries, but also foster cultural exchange and understanding. The Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA) and the Royal Commission for Riyadh City (RCRC) will strive to build a positive legacy for the people of Saudi Arabia by creating new opportunities for physical activity in everyday life.

The work done by the SFA on Sport for All has led to significant achievements in recent years, with men’s physical activity rates tripling from 16.03% to 40.42% from 2018. The number of community sports groups in the Kingdom has also grown exponentially, from less than 50 five years ago to over 1,735 today. The TAFISA Games will showcase Saudi Arabia as the center of sports and physical activity in the MENA region, demonstrating the country’s commitment to promoting sports and a healthy lifestyle.

An event open to everyone

9. TAFISA World Sport for All Games in Riyadh are open to all. In line with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP), TAFISA and SFA are committed to upholding human rights standards and promoting inclusion and diversity. Through the event, they will promote physical activity, mass sport, recreational activity, traditional sports and games, new sports, exercise, sport and physical fun for all people, regardless of any characteristics, acting in accordance with and promoting diversity, social inclusion and gender equality .

We invite everyone to participate in the 9th TAFISA World Sports Games for All, which will be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 2028.

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More information:


TAFISA: Gaëtan Garcia, Chief of Operations – garcia@tafisa.org
SFA: sfa@sfa.sa

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