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Traditional Sports Day Celebration

Traditional Sports Day

Today on 14th August 2021 International Council of Traditional Sports and Games (ICTSG) and various other traditional sports organizations are celebrating International Traditional Sports Day.

ICTSG organized 2 days virtual conference on 14th and 15th August 2021 in which more than 300 people from 85+ countries participated.

President Khalil started the session with his opening speech.

International Council of Traditional Sports and Games (ICTSG) has been mandated as the “official Platform of TSG” by the Member States, and international stakeholders during the 4th collective consultation meeting of Traditional Games and Sports of Ad hoc Advisory Committee, UNESCO in 2018 with its President Khalil Ahmed Khan and Secretary General Shammi Rana.

Men behind the TSG project

The men behind Traditional Sports and Games project are Khalil Ahmed Khan and the Shammi Rana from South Korea. Both of them are working on this project and to preserve traditional games for the last five years.

Secretary-General Shammi Rana said this is just a beginning but the next year we’ll have bigger events across the world at National level as well.

The goal of the International Council of Traditional Sports and Games is to assist governmental and non-governmental organizations in organizing and promoting traditional sports and games and official umbrella organization for Traditional Sports and Indigenous Games as well as organizers of traditional sports games and traditional sports-related international associations throughout the World. ICTSG would help all concerned and interested governments and non-government national, international, and regional organizations harmonize and coordinate efforts to provide guidance and counseling and sustain 17 programs about traditional sports and games (TSG).

Traditional Sports Day


On this International Traditional Sports Day, National member organizations of ICTSG will also organize various activities in their respective countries, which helps people discover sports and games from other cultures. They also, foster peace and equality as people discuss and understand the various cultures.

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