Trump and Kim Jong at Closing Ceremony

The cardinal delegates of the closing ceremony of Winter Olympics Games 2018 at Pyeongchang, Korea are the gorgeous Ivanka Trump, advisor to the President, United States of America and Kim Yo Jong, sister of Kim Jong Un, from the ruling Kim dynasty of North Korea.

Advisor to Mr.Donald Trump in the White House, Ivanka Trump will lead the United States delegation at the Gangwon Province, Pyeongchang on 25th February.  The itinerary and the meetings of the US delegate are yet to be announced. She is likely to be received by Kim Jung Sook, South Korean First lady herself with presidential level security.

The Vice Premier Mrs.Liu Yandong from the People’s Republic of China is on a three day trip from Saturday24th, to the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics. She is a special envoy from the Chinese President Xi Jinping’s representation.  To be a part of the opening ceremony, Communist Party of China has sent a delegation team led by Han Zheng, No 7.

All eyes are set on the message of Ivanka Trump might deliver on behalf of Donald Trump. There is a growing speculation on the talks between Pyongyang and Washington, especially after the rare inter-Korean rapprochement.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had sent his sister Kim Yo Jong for the prestigious opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics and Ivanka Trump visits the closing ceremony just after two weeks for the celebrated closing ceremony.

Kim, on February 10th, had ceremoniously delivered the North Korean leader’s invitation to Moon Jae In, President, South Korea to visit Pyongyang.

Some political experts are expecting cool down atmosphere between South and North Korea. It is interesting to watch the body language of these two lovely ladies from United States of America and North Korea.


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