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[Video] – Relive our workshop on innovation in and thru sport for all!


The Innovation in sport for all: perspectives and opportunities The TAFISA Mission 2030 workshop took place on January 17. The workshops enabled discussion and presentation of the use of modern technologies to further achieve the goal of Sport for All. Speakers shared their innovative ideas to increase participation and accessibility to sport and other physical activities.

Workshop speakers

Dr. Fiona Chambers – Global Design Challenge

Innovation in sport for all and through sport for all: a key driver for change

Dr. Fiona Chambers shared the definition and basic elements of social innovation, as well as the importance that Design Thinking plays in the concept of social innovation. In addition, she shared the role played by social innovation and design thinking in the Global Design Challenge, an international competition that seeks innovative ideas to find solutions to sport and physical activity challenges based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the goals of the Action Plan on Sermon. The Challenge has funded projects such as Travel Hands, which helps the visually impaired with outdoor commuting.

Further reading

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A global design challenge

Max Tamazawa – Sasakawa Sports Foundation

Innovations for the revitalization of regions through sport and physical activity

Max Tamazawa of the Sasakawa Foundation, a Tokyo-based sports policy think tank, shared the organization’s response to Japanese social issues through Regional Sports Management Organizations (RSMO). A case study using this method took place in the city of Kakuda, Japan, where their local RSMO, sponet Kakuda was a great success. The organization has implemented programs such as the Active Child Program, an exercise program that promotes fun physical activity with children and their caregivers. Recently, the organization also released Tsudo-Yell, an age-friendly exercise app that allows friends and family to connect and do workouts together.


Sasakawa Sports Foundation

Dr. Christoph Mall – Technical University of Munich

Kreuz and Quer program

Dr. Christoph Mall, associate professor of sports and health didactics at the Technical University of Munich, shared the success of Kreuz & Quer among young people from the Munich area. Kreuz & Quer is a competitive game in which players use their chip cards to collect crates scattered around the area to collect both points and miles traveled. As of 2019, the game has since had five rounds with approximately 700 to 2,200 participants. The game was a great success and allowed players of all ages to be active and in touch with their natural living environment.


Sports Innovation Network

Sports Innovation Network at the Technical University of Munich

Steve Cousins ??- Circus

Steve Cousins ??led the group for 15 minutes of play, showing the importance of being active while having fun. Steve Cousins ??conducts circus courses for both children and adults, encouraging the joy of movement.


Steve Cousins

Prof. Dr. Eckehard “Fozzy” Moritz – Innovationsmanufaktur

Joy of movement Pioneers Innovation Hub

Prof. Dr. Fozzy Moritz announced the launch of Joy of Movement Pioneers. The JOMP movement aims to increase physical activity by using joy as a driving factor. The movement focuses on innovating fun exercise methods as well as themes of leadership, integration and synergy networks.


Innovation Manufactory

Relive the Workshop by watching the video replay below or on the page YouTube.

TAFISA would like to thank the speakers for their informative contributions and all the participants for their enthusiasm and constructive questions.

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