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“Wearing the No. 10 shirt of Pele, Neymar, Ronaldinho… I felt like a king”


Richarlison talks to Olympics.com as part of Olympic Channel’s new original series ‘The World at Your Feet’ which follows the lives of 11 footballers from Germany, Poland, Japan, Iran, Brazil and beyond, many of whom are set to play at the 2022 FIFA Men’s World Cup in Qatar.

In this exclusive interview, the Brazilian talks about playing with “mischief” Neymar, how he trains, whether the Canarinhos are favorites to win the World Cup, playing in Paris 2024 and his best ever.

The series also hears from the friends, family and coaches of the 11 players. Richarlison tells us how he went from playing for América Mineiro and Fluminense in his native Brazil to England where he played for Watford, Everton and now Tottenham Hotspur in the English Premier League.

Neymar, Richarlison and Dani Alves in Brazil’s final squad for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Richarlison: Olympic gold medalist to World Cup winner?

Richarlison’s Tokyo 2020 Olympics in 2021 couldn’t have had a better scenario:

He scored five goals in six matches, became the top scorer of the entire competition, won the gold medal and played a huge role in successfully defending the title. Neymar helped Brazil win in Rio 2016.

“I was really happy, in the final I discovered that I was top scorer for the first time as top scorer,” continues Richarlison.

“And like I said, the number 10 shirt of Pele, Neymar, Ronaldinho, I felt like a king because they gave me the number 10 and I ended up top scorer like people expect to see him with the number 10 in Brazil.

“I arrived (to Tokyo) feeling light and loose and playing my best football… It was a dream come true.”

Will Brazil win the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

Will Brazil win the World Cup in Qatar?

“I don’t like using those words,” says Richarlison.

“I prefer to work, work quietly and keep my heads down, work hard day after day with the team and our coach Tite prepares us every day so we can show up and play a great world championship.

“I’ve learned to show respect and not talk about being a champion before it happens. I prefer to speak on the pitch during the World Cup and people will see it for themselves.”

He knows it won’t be easy.

“Winning the World Cup is difficult, there are many good teams, like the reigning champions France, Belgium also has a good team, Argentina is also a good team, they won the Copa America, there are many strong teams.

“But of course Brazil with its history, people always expect great things and whoever wears the Brazilian jersey will try to achieve those things for the people.”

Achieving these goals will depend on the performances of one of the world’s biggest soccer superstars – Richarlison’s teammate Neymar.

“Neymar is a joker” – Richarlison

Richarlison’s face lights up with a smile as Olympics.com asks what kind of man Neymar is.

“Neymar is funny, a prankster, he’s always laughing and joking, he’s my idol, someone I admire a lot, and on the pitch he’s a wonder, a player who always gets us in front of goal.”

How is Neymar in training?

“During training we usually have fun and work hard to make sure everything goes well during the games, we know Neymar is a superstar, everyone respects him so we do our best to make sure he feels good in training too.”

The 25-year-old Tottenham player also confirms that Neymar excels on the biggest stage, inspiring him to perform dizzying dribbles and mesmerizing magic to be the center of attention.

“Neymar is more focused on the game, it’s a little lighter in training. He saves his best matches for the opponent.”

But when you ask him who is the best player in the world at the moment, he does not choose his compatriot:

“At this time? [Karim] Benzema,” says Richarlison.

And the greatest player of all time?

He thinks about it before saying, “Messi? Or maybe Pele… Pele, oh Rei, Pele is the king.”

Richarlison and Dani Alves back at the 2024 Paris Olympics?

Richarlison reveals that Dani Alves wants to defend his Paris 2024 Olympic gold medal and has already asked Richarlison to go with him.

“Now we have the next Olympic Games in France and Dani Alves asked if I would like to go again and I said ‘if they call me to Selecao I’m always up for it’, it’s important to be there for your country. Brazilian shirt.

Stay tuned for this exclusive interview in the original “The World at Their Feet” series on Olympics.com. The episode featuring Richarlison will air November 14-15.

All Olympics.com feature-length documentaries and sports documentaries are available for free and can be streamed directly from this site, with no subscription required.

And remember, Richarlison is just one of the show’s 11 episodes.

The original “The World at Their Feet” series.

The Spanish goalkeeper joins Richarlison Enjoy SimonSenegal star Cheikhou Kouyateand Kaoru Mitoma from Japan, including the Olympic Channel series

Featuring exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and plenty of football action, this series features 11 players on their career path.

Many are set to start for their national teams at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the biggest soccer tournament in the world.

Here is the full list of players featured in the Olympic Channel documentary series “The World at Your Feet”:

  • Richarlison de Andrade (Brazil) – Tottenham
  • Maciej Ginter (Germany) – Freiburg
  • Alexis McAllister (Argentina) – Brighton
  • Kaoru Mitoma (Japan): Brighton
  • Sadar Azmoun (Iran): Bayer Leverkusen
  • Jan Bednarek (Poland): Aston Villa
  • Chris Wood (New Zealand) : Newcastle Utd
  • Cheikhou Kouyate (Senegal) – Nottingham Forest
  • David Raum (Germany) – RB Leipzig
  • Imran Louza (Morocco) – Watford
  • Enjoy Simon (Spain) – Athletic Bilbao

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